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Wine Box Full of News

Wine Box Full of News

This year's launch of the new vintage will take place in an extraordinary way - not on the Sonberk terrace, but at your home. Tune into an elegant taste with the potential for aging and try out how the Great and Silver Sonberk from the beautiful 2019 vintage taste.

1330 Kč

Accompanied by a new, delicious cuvée Sémillon/Sauvignon 2017 and juicy cut Moravian Muscat 2020.

Great Sonberk
Riesling 2019 VOC, dry
Pálava 2019 VOC, dry
cuvée Sémillon/Sauvignon 2017, late harvest, dry

Silver Sonberk
Pinot Gris 2019, late harvest, dry
Sauvignon 2019, late harvest, dry
Moravian Muscat 2020, late harvest, dry

The estimated price of the collection after launch: 1630 CZK
Additional cumulative discounts do not apply to this offer, including free shipping when ordering two packages in the Czech Republic.


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