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Come for a glass at any time without calling. We'll come up with a tasting for you!

Maybe you are passing by and just want to try a few samples, or you have time and want to go through the whole Sonberk wine tasting menu. Everything is possible at any time when we are open. You can choose from the tasting card or get advice from our staff according to your tasting preference. And then enjoy the view of the Pálava hills in the distance. It is not necessary to book either this visit or a tour of the publicly accessible parts of the winery in advance.

Private Tours and Tastings

If you would like to get to know us a bit better and get detailed information about Sonberk and our approach to winemaking, the best way is to book a tasting with a guided tour. Feel free to contact us via e-mail:, by calling + 420 777 630 434 or by filling out a request form directly in our calendar, where possible tour dates are marked with a triangle.

According to your specific wishes, we can take you through the vineyard, give you an insight into the technological stages of wine production and show you why our roof is so important for drying Pálava grapes for straw wine. From here, there are just a few steps to the tasting table, where we discuss all the details about the individual wines and even what food is best for which and who has appreciated them at home and abroad in the past.

Especially for the summer months, when most guests visit us, we have reserved dates in advance with the possibility of booking a guided tour. These days can be found in our calendar marked with a triangle. Request a specific date and time for your group by filling out the reservation form.

We accept orders for tours and tastings all the time. But we would appreciate it if you will let us know at least a week in advance. We don't have a kitchen over here, but there are always some small snacks to nibble on. In arranging individual events, we cooperate with local suppliers, creative young companies, and restaurants focused on haute cuisine.

*Max limit is 70 person

Openning hours

WINTER/ Nov - Feb

Mon - Sun 10:00 - 17:00

SUMMER/ Mar - Oct
Mon - Sun 10:00 - 18:00
Fri + Sat 10:00 - 20:00 (Jun - Sep)


Tel: +420 777 630 434
or:  +420 730 594 570


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