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This is our current selection of absolutely TOP 6 best Sonberk wines.

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Riesling 2021 VOC A dry, juicy Riesling full of fruitiness and dried fruits. A wine with a great future. The colour of the wine is sparkling, pale yellow with golden edges. The nose is complex and rich, with a distinctive fruity note of citrus, white peach, apricot and lime blossom. The palate is full-bodied, structured, ripe yet fresh, full of summer fruits, citrus and honey. The finish is savoury and spicy with a fine mineral line.

Pálava 2022 VOC A typical Sonberk´s dry Pálava that doesn't need high residual sugar and still gets you. Sparkling straw colour with golden edges. A noble aroma full of tangerine, exotic fruits, Christmas spices and rose flowers. The palate is rich, opulent and concentrated. The spiciness blends beautifully with the fruitiness, the finish is long, warm, with a fine mineral line, and infinitely long. A great companion for oriental cuisine.

Riesling 2021 Noble rot Semi-dry Riesling with a significant proportion of botrytis grapes. The third vintage in the history of Sonberg and again great. The colour is sparkling golden, the aroma is rich, wonderfully fruity with notes of ripe apricot, dried fruit and lime. The palate is robust, fruity, full of honey and dried fruit. The finish is long, concentrated and rich with a sweet, spicy aftertaste. A wine with the potential to age for at least 10 years.

Great Tramín 2022 Great Tramín from the exceptional vineyard Mitrberk. The colours are yellow with golden highlights, sweet aromas of exotic spices, ginger and tea rose complemented by notes of meadow honey. The taste is pleasantly spicy with a touch of dried raisins, honey and sugar melon. An elegant wine with a long finish, decent acidity and high viscosity. A great partner for oriental cuisine.

Riesling Ipsus 2021 A limited edition, semi-sweet Riesling from a single harvest. The colour is 24 carat gold with straw edges, the aroma is intense, full of dried fruit, juicy ripe apricot, honey and flowers. Thanks to the large proportion of botrytis grapes, the flavour onset is powerful with a distinct honeyed touch, spiciness and a hint of sweet exotic fruit. A wine with higher residual sugar but with a strong and tangy acidity. This combination promises beautiful ageing, and the best is yet to come for this Riesling.

Merlot 2021 Intense garnet color with crimson edges, pleasantly fruity aroma full of black berry fruit in the form of blueberries and blackberries, dark chocolate and eucalyptus. The taste is robust, pleasantly tannic, with a touch of cappuccino, milk chocolate and noble wood. Over time, fruitiness opens up in the form of blackcurrants, blackberries and blueberries. The finish of the wine is rich, structured and endlessly long. We recommend always decanting. A wine with great aging potential will adorn your archive.

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