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This is our current selection of absolutely TOP 6 best Sonberk wines.

2330 Kč

Contains sulfites

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Riesling 2020 VOC Juicy and dry Riesling with a subtle aroma full of dried fruit. The colour of sparkly gold with vivid green highlights. Decent aromas of vineyard peach, dried fruit and herbs. The palate is elegant and delicate, with hints of candied fruit, ripe apricot and citrus. The finish is pleasantly savoury and long, with undertones of soft cream and wood that suggest ageing in fine oak.

Pálava 2021 VOC Dry, beautifully fruity Palava with a subtle touch of tangerine. This wine is golden yellow in colour with shimmering highlights, the aroma is intense, full of intoxicating tropical flowers, tea rose, sugar melon and lychee. The palate is delicately spicy and harmonious with a pleasant hint of pink grapefruit and orange. The finish is smooth, elegant and warm.

Riesling 2021 Noble rot Semi-dry Riesling with a significant proportion of botrytis grapes. The third vintage in the history of Sonberg and again great. The colour is sparkling golden, the aroma is rich, wonderfully fruity with notes of ripe apricot, dried fruit and lime. The palate is robust, fruity, full of honey and dried fruit. The finish is long, concentrated and rich with a sweet, spicy aftertaste. A wine with the potential to age for at least 10 years.

Tramín 2020 Noble rot Nobly aromatic, and spicy Tramín, one of the best we have ever created. Sparkling golden colour. The aroma impresses with tones of fresh mashed grapes beautifully paired with ripe tangerine and rose flowers. The taste is intense, full of Christmas spices and exotic fruit. The wonderful spiciness combined with the long aftertaste and decent acidity gives an unforgettable experience.

Chardonnay & Pinot Gris 2018 A wine full of flavors, in which yellow fruit with tones of cream and mild smokiness from the barrique oak in which it aged. We do not deny inspiration from Burgundy. Burgundy cuvée of 80 % Chardonnay and 20 % Pinot Gris, aged in original French oak barrels from the renowned Francois Fréres cooperage.

Merlot 2020 Sonberk’s only red from the sunniest position of the vineyard, which translates into intense flavours in the wine.

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