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Chardonnay NFT 2022

Chardonnay NFT 2022

Enjoy a limited edition sensual wine created to celebrate the winery's 20th anniversary. 

450 Kč

Attribute Late harvest

Residual sugar 4,4 g/L

Acidity 6,3 g/L

Alcohol 13,5 % vol

Bottle Volume 0,75 L

Contains sulfites


You have never seen or drunk such NFT! A sensual shard with a unique number on each bottle and a peel-off celebrity Mika on the label. 

What's the mystery behind the Sonberian concept of the acronym? It's the name Nerez Fermented Chardonnay, where we let everyone's favorite varietal ferment in classic stainless steel tanks like you've never seen from us before.

Cheers to the next twenty years.


Prague Wine Trophy 2023 - Prague Premium Gold (92 p.)


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