Vineyards at the end of summer: how to prepare for the harvest?

The holidays are now in their second half, with approximately two weeks to go. Many of you have already taken your holidays, some of you are still waiting for them. What about the Sonberk vineyard? Unlike our staff, it didn't take a moment off. It's been thriving and growing since the last article.

But it hasn't grown as rapidly as last year - for one simple reason. Compared to last year, there was a lack of rainfall, so the vines grew more slowly and their maintenance was less demanding. The lack of rain was also evident on the Sonberk lawn - lush green last year, this year it looked more like a pampas or savannah.

And what effect did this weather have on the grapes? It's too early to make any judgements - we don't grow early varieties like Irsai Oliver or Müller Thurgau at Sonberk, which ripen during the holidays. Moravian Muscat ripens first - and if it is a "normal" vintage, we will start harvesting it sometime in the first decade of September. 

This year's vintage in late August promises to be dry and warm - this could speed up ripening, so we are in permanence. We are bottling wine from the last tanks to make room for processing the 2022 vintage. And then we will take inventory of vineyard scissors and buckets and buy a few new ones - in short, we're getting ready.

And when it starts? We prepare small green boxes of 20 litres into which we hand-pick our grapes and weigh them on a tractor-trailer. This avoids them getting squashed. "The 'crushing' will take place in the press - a 5000 litre stainless steel machine with a pneumatic cushion that presses the grapes gently without breaking the seeds. This prevents the release of bitter flavours into the juice, and thus later into the wine.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves. We'll talk more about hand-picking, receiving the grapes, sorting and pressing next time.

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