Sonberk Pálava scores high once again

If you occasionally look at our blog or are simply interested in wine, you have most likely already come across "star medals" with the nickname "Prague". These are awarded by a 20-member international jury in the Prague Wine Trophy - the largest international wine competition in the Czech Republic. 

Now the Prague Wine Trophy has completed the evaluation of the fourth - and for this year the last round, focusing on the Pálava variety and dessert wines. And how did we do? Let's start from the end, because this is where the success this year is most significant.  

For the first time this year, the platinum medal will be awarded to our straw Pálava 2020 - a delicious dessert wine with a residual sugar of almost 180 g/l. It scored a total of 98 points. 

"Dramatic circumstances preceded the creation of this wine. We harvested the grapes in the autumn of 2020 - but the covid situation and the impending rain did not allow us to harvest fast enough, and we were in danger of losing the crop," recalls our cellar master Olda Drápal. "We called on volunteers from the public to help us save the grapes for the straw wine. The award of this wine is therefore not just a medal for the cellar master, but a tribute to all those who gave us a helping hand in 2020 and showed that great values come from kindness," Olda concludes gratefully. 

Alongside the straw Pálava, our naturally sweet wines from botrytic harvests did equally well. The jury rated all of our samples over the 90-point mark and awarded the Prague Premium Gold medal to Pálava Noble rot 2021 (94 points, preparing for sale), Pálava Noble rot 2020 (93 points) and Tramín Noble rot 2021 (91 points). "For lovers of sweeter drinks, these wines will work nicely as solitaires, and in combination with food they will ideally complement, for example, créme brulée or foie gras with fig purée," explains our sommelier David Pavlíček. 

This year, the Prague Gold medal goes to our dry Pálava VOC 2021. "Dry aromatic Pálava is a wine that made the Czech Republic famous in the world thanks to the Platinum Best in Show award at the Decanter World Wine Awards in 2017. Since then, it has regularly proved that the Czech Republic belongs on the world map of internationally significant and understandable wines," smiles our Sales and Marketing Director Dominika Holešínská, adding: "Unlike French or British customers who have to wait several months for deliveries of Sonberk Pálava depending on the local importer, customers in the Czech Republic have the undeniable advantage of fast delivery. This is especially appreciated by companies for whom dry Pálava VOC is a popular gift item at the end of the year.

The total list of wines awarded in the 4th round of the Prague Wine Trophy is rounded off by the Chardonnay & Pinot Gris 2018 cuvée, which the jury awarded the Prague Premium Gold medal with 91 points.

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