What was the year 2019 like at Sonberk, part three


We introduce new wines and see how the previous ones are doing in competitions. It's nice to watch. Pálava 2017 VOC receives a gold medal at the famous Concours des Grands Vins Blancs du Monde competition. Merlot has been acclaimed in Zurich or in the editorial of the Czech magazine Víno a styl, where the 2016 edition is the winner of Grandtest. One of the reviewers in blind tasting even said that if this wine was from Moravia, he would come to clean the house of its creator. By the way, no one has ever arrived here…


Our vineyard manager Roman Slouk is praised for his photographic art - his photos from the pressing of dried Pálava grapes are presented at an exhibition in Marseille. Winemaker Olda Drápal was given another opportunity. People from the Partnerství Foundation chose him as the important personality of the Czech wine business so Olda had a big presentation of his craftmanship in Brno. He really knows what he does and it was confirmed at the Oenoforum conference, where we were successful with our cuvée Chardonnay & Pinot gris 2016 and Pálava straw wine. They became category winners. Especially the first one is drunk at the first Sonberk Brunch, which we organize directly next to the vineyard.


The first month of the Czech summer holiday is for us also beginning of our Sonberk´s cultural summer festival. Hundreds of people come to us for the Javory band concert. And while apricots of 2019 edition are slowly ripening, we are going to market with the apricot brandy made from the 2018 apricot edition.


The August part of our festival belongs to hundreds of people who came to see the performance of the actor Jaroslav Dušek or all those who danced to the Jananas band´s songs. Riesling 2015 VOC is running in the cellar, but fortunately, we have the 2017 edition and we´re finalizing the 2018 edition. Harvest is not as fast as last year, so we have the opportunity to catch up with big news from Prague: We reached the final eight in the Winemaker of the Year competition, where a number of foreign holders of the title of Master of Wine are active as evaluators. The tasters are only interested in the quality of the samples and we turned the nomination into a great second place. And in addition our barirque cuvée Chardonnay & Pinot gris 2016 was awarded as the best wine in competition!

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