Save the date of our second gastro evening. Chef of famous Brno restaurant arrives

It's always a special evening. We clean up our large tasting room and stack several types of forks, knives and glasses on a large table. The degustation in Sonberk winery has a special atmosphere with a view of Pálava. On December 6th we are preparing the second part of our degustation serie, this time with the chef of the Brno restaurant Pavillon Ondřej Dulanský. What was the first one?

Ondrej Nosek and his wife Martina from Barrio Gotico Cafe from Kurdějov prepared their multicolored tapas and larger meals.

The evening was made up as a small school of food and wine piring. It began with four kinds of tapas, which were based on a smoked duck breast with onion jam, marinated salmon, roasted peppers with mountain cheese and homemade pate with plum jam and almonds. They were all combinated with our Riesling 2017 VOC and everyone could tell what kind of tapas was best suited to the wine. “It is not a competition and no reaction is bad,” explains Dáša Fialová, our marketing director, who describes the basic rules of pairing. But these rules are not insurmountable. Which also turned out.

Some people voted for salmon and some for peppers.

Everybody nodded that cuvée Sémillon/Sauvignon 2016 was really good for the seafood broth. Third part of the dinner was three kinds of warm tapas. In fact, we were a little afraid of it, because besides shrimp, we offered a distinctive lamb croquet with pea purée and beef tongue with horseradish espuma. Especielly the third one is hard to combine. "Certainly the tongue with horseradish," one of the gentlemen present suprising response to the question of the best combination.

The main course was an example of how the taste influenced the individual ingredients. When the beef was only served with gratinated potatoes, our cuvée Chardonnay & Pinot Gris worked very well with it. But as soon as the wine sauce was added, only our Merlot could be a partner. And it was a royal combination! Even for dessert everyone could choose their favorite wine. In the end the sweet taste of the Riesling 2014 was the best choice to orange-toned variation on créme brulée.

Such a tasting is actually a few hours of discovering how well known tastes can manifest themselves. We organize them in a small group of people. It´s enjoyed by couples or pairs of friends who buy dinner as a reward for their hard working life.

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