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Grand Cru V8 Collection 2021

Grand Cru V8 Collection 2021

The best of the production of members of the Alliance of Winemakers V8 2021.

3200 Kč

Taste the carefully selected wines of the members of the Alliance of V8.
Wines, which were born in the best-located vineyards of each winery. In the box, you will find typical wines from the unique terroir.

Winery Reisten - Vineyard Slunný vrch: Maidenburg - Pinot Blanc, late harvest 2019, dry

Sonberk Winery - Vineyard Sonberk: Great Sonberk - Riesling, VOC Mikulovsko 2019, dry

Winery Volařík - Vineyard Plotny line: - Welschriesling, late harvest 2019, dry

Winery Volařík - Vineyard U Venuše: Terroir - Pálava, selection of grapes 2019, dry

Winery Reisten - Vineyard Valtická: Maidenburg - Riesling, late harvest 2019, dry

Nové vinařství - Vineyard Slunečný vrch: Petanque - Blaufränkisch, Moravian regional wine 2018, dry

Winery Kolby - Vineyard Kolby: - Cuvée red Selection, selection of grapes 2018, dry

Wine Marcinčák - Vineyard Stará hora: BIO - Blaufränkisch, straw wine 2017, dessert wine


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