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Wine Subscription

Wine Subscription

For you, or for someone you care about. Once every three months we send two boxes at our expense. 

15500 Kč

Contains sulfites

To make sure that a bottle of Sonberg is always on hand, we will send a seasonal collection of twelve carefully selected bottles to your address on a regular basis. There will be Silver and Big Sonberk, something red or sweeter and a surprise from the archives.

Dates and themes:

Spring : beginning 3/2023, theme: Looking Ahead to Spring
Summer : beginning 6/2023, theme: Looking Forward to the Holidays
Fall : beginning 9/2023, theme: Back to School
Winter shipment : beginning 12/2023., theme: Holiday Moments

Annual subscription: 15,500 CZK

Is that not enough? Is it too much? You don't have to think about it at all. When the first collection arrives and you're not 100% happy with it, give us an echo and we'll refund the rest of your subscription. Or we'll transfer it to someone who might like it. It's up to you.

If you are interested in half year subscription contact us on


Wine Library

Are you interested in which wines we made in previous years? Click on the vintage below to look at our history and browse our library.

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