We present young Moravian Muscat 2022

If you stood in a row of Moravian Muscat in late March, you would see last year's vines trimmed on the ground and bushes clipped on the sides. It's a moment when it's hard to believe that in just seven months, the sleepy vines will be transformed into young, beautifully drinkable wine. But nature is a mighty sorceress, and so in April the vines wake up to the tearing stage, in May the leaves sprout, in June the vines flower, during the holidays the grapes grow - and around the first decade of September it is time to harvest them at Sonberk.

This year was no different - after a hot and dry summer, September arrived and with it the harvest. We picked Muscat grapes at a sugar content of over 21 °NM on Monday and Tuesday 12 and 13 September. Both harvests were done by hand. 

Three generations of Sonberk vines in one Muscat sip

For the first time, this year's Muscat is composed of a total of three differently aged parts of the vineyard. When we started producing Moravian Muscat back in 2004, we only had the original vineyard, approximately 20 years old, on concrete columns. We added a new Muscat planting to that in 2012. The last time we planted Moravian Muscat was in December 2019, and we had our first harvest just this year. Moravian Muscat 2022 thus combines old "pre-November" bushes, newer 10 years old plantings and a virgin harvest.

First time under the screw cap?

Yes, that's right. After successfully testing the mobile bottling line on Pinot Gris and cuvée Pospolu (both from the Stříbrný Sonberk range), we decided to add the practical screw cap to our only young wine. Why? Young wine is drinkable ... well, young and easier to handle will also be appreciated by colleagues in restaurants and wine shops.

So how does this year's Muscat taste?

Typically Sonberian - traditionally dry, fermented to 0.0 g/l residual sugar, with attractive varietal aromas. Refreshing and juicy on the palate with hints of white fruit and spice. Explore and order it in our e-shop or try your luck at a wine merchant near you.

Recommended price 220 CZK. Until 30.11.2022 we offer for a discounted 195 CZK with the possibility of applying a club discount.

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