Rieslings you don't know yet - Mitrberk and Ipsus

Yes, the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Sonberk continues. Our historically first sparkling wine lasted only 7 days on the e-shop, which is why it is the best time to present other novelties. Rieslings, our flagship among the varieties, this time in forms you have never seen before. Let's find out together what makes Riesling Mitrberk 2022 and Riesling Ipsus 2021 stand out, and why you'll want to try them.

The exceptional Mitrberk vineyard

The Great Sonberk range represents the first Riesling from the beautiful Mitrberk vineyard, which is located next to the Sonberk vineyard. It was planted in 2010 on an area of 5.5 ha, and in addition to Riesling, Tramín, which you already know from the Great and Silver Sonberk series, also grows here. Some time has passed, exactly 12 years, and the vineyards produce really high-quality grapes for exceptional wines.

Roman Slouk takes care of this plot as well, but he is not alone: "The green work has been done by 6 pairs of female hands for several years. And really precisely." And in addition, he also praises the wonderful view from Mitrberk of Popice and Pálava, which, according to Roman, is: "a little different from the one we know from Sonberk."

Moving from the vineyard to the cellar, the wine developed very well in the tank from the first months. Sommelier David Pavlíček immediately perceived great potential in it: "It appeared to be one of the best Rieslings in our cellar." None other than our cellar master Olda Drápal stands behind the result of the dry Riesling Mitrberk 2022 from the Great Sonberk series.

Limited Edition Ipsus

There is a saying that the exception proves the rule. Sonberk never produced semi-sweet wines until the wine Riesling Ipsus 2021 was created. The first and probably the last semi-sweet Riesling in the history of Sonberk. This is only one harvest from a certain part of the vineyard where, in addition, botrytis appeared on the grapes. Thanks to this, the wine received the Latin name Ipsus, from cellar master Olda Drápal. It means "alone", a single harvest without blending.

Compared to Riesling from Mitrberk, it was created thanks to nature as a limited edition, but it also belongs to the Great Sonberk series. It has wonderful potential for the future - the combination of higher residual sugar and spicy acid promises beautiful aging.

Sommelier David Pavlíček also confirms that this is really an exceptional wine: "I see this wine as my child," he smiles, "it is similar in style to Mosel Spätlese Rieslings." Thanks to the high proportion of botrytis grapes, the onset of taste is powerful with a distinct touch of honey and a hint of sweet exotic fruit.”

Six different Rieslings

Sales and marketing director Dominika Holešínská reminds that Riesling represents the core variety of the winery: "We thought for a long time about strengthening the Great Sonberk range, and look, sometimes nature answers and gives it by itself. I am happy that we are now showing Riesling six different times, everyone will find their own taste."

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