London's Decanter awards a range of Rieslings and Palavas

Some people call it the Wine Oscars. The international Decanter World Wine Awards is the world's largest competition in terms of number of samples and relevance to the global trade. The expert jury has the largest representation of Master of Wine and Master Sommelier title holders. This year's meeting and judging of a total of 18,244 samples lasted two weeks and was attended by nearly 250 judges from around the world.

And the results of the 19th edition held in London?

A total of six Sonberk wines were awarded medals. The highest scoring wine was the botrytic Pálava 2020 Noble rot, which received 91 points and a silver medal. The judges described this wine: orange and tangerine flavours abound on the nose and palate. The wine is light bodied with a soft texture. 

The second wine to be awarded a silver medal was the Riesling 2020 VOC, which, with 90 points, is in the top third of the best Moravian wines. It was judged by the evaluators: lovely petrolly Riesling with stone fruit aromas and a touch of botrytis. Crisp, fresh and rich with fresh fruit flavours. 

Just under the 90 point mark and earning a bronze medal were the 2019 Riesling VOC (89 points), Pálava 2020 straw wine (89 points), Pálava 2020 VOC (87 points) and Tramín 2020 (87 points, sold out, many thanks!).

"We are delighted with the awards for our wines. Even more so because the whole range of Pálava flavours from dry to botryically sweet to straw was positively received, as were the two Riesling vintages we submitted to the competition. We are happy to see that the flexibility of Pálava's flavours can be appreciated around the world and that our Rieslings' ability to age and evolve over time is being confirmed," smiles Sonberk's Sales and Marketing Director Dominika Holešínská.

A total of 121 wines were awarded medals for the Czech Republic at this year's Deacnter - a fifth more than last year. A total of three wines won gold medals - they were made from the Riesling, Pálava and Pinot Noir varieties. 

Final report and complete results of the competition can be found here.

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London's Decanter awards a range of Rieslings and Palavas

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