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Pálava 2018 VOC

Pálava 2018 VOC

A typical Sonberk dry Pálava, which does not need high residual sugar and will get you anyway.

360 Kč

Attribute VOC Mikulovsko

Residual sugar 6,3 g/L

Acidity 6,0 g/L

Alcohol 13 % vol

Bottle Volume 0,75 L

Contains sulfites

Where else to get Pálava from than where the most beautiful view of the protected landscape area of the same name is? This wine has a light yellow-green colour with straw reflections and higher viscosity. The aroma is typically intense for the variety and resembles roses, rosehip tea, lilies, or dried orange peel. The taste is characterized by harmony and medium fullness and is represented by tones of ripe oranges and grapefruits with an undertone of dried pineapple and mango.


Prague Wine Trophy 2020 - Prague Gold
Cool Climate Wine Awards 2020 – Silver
Finger Lakes International Wine & Spirits Competition 2020 - Silver
Concours Mondial de Bruxelles - Silver


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