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TOP 6 Wines

TOP 6 Wines

Mineral Riesling, dry Pálava, sweet Pálava, elegant Tramín, excellent white cuvées aged in oak barrels and our only red one in preshow before Christmas. 

2977 Kč

This is our current selection of absolutely TOP 6 best Sonberk wines in a gift box handmade from spruce wood.

Because we would like to offer something, that you would like to give as a gift but also get as a gift...

Riesling 2019 VOC
Dry, slightly mineral with spicy acidity. Riesling from a great vintage and excellent aging potential.Golden shimmering color with yellow edges. The aroma is elegant, rich in tones of peach and apricot with a hint of honeycomb. The taste is complex, structured, and spicy with a touch of fruitiness in the form of white peach and apricot. The finish is medium-long with a hint of beeswax, honey, and a strong mineral tone. Awards: Best of Riesling 2021 - 87 p.,Prague Wine Trophy 2021 - Prague Premium Gold (91 p.), Decanter World Wine Awards 2021 - Silver Medal(90 p.)

Pálava 2020 VOC
Elegant dry Pálava, dense, warm, and beautifully fresh and fruity. Light yellow color with sparkling reflections of gold. The fruity aroma is full of compote tangerines, freshly squeezed grapes, and dried herbs. The taste has a pleasant sweetness on the palate, with tones of fresh apricots, green tea, and exotic spices, turning into an elegant dryness. The finish is long, warm with a touch of candied orange peel.

Pálava 2019 Noble rot
Rich Pálava in its sweet form with a botrytis character and great potential for aging.Golden colour with straw edges, intense aroma with hints of candied fruit, honey, and dried dates and figs. The taste is concentrated and delicate, full of sweet tropical fruits and citrus. The finish is long, beautifully balanced with juicy acid. Awards: Oenoforum 2020 - Gold Medal, Prague Wine Trophy 2020 - Prague Premium Gold (94 p.)

Tramín 2020
Aromatic wine that gets along with summer at a festival or on a holiday. A wine that won't let you finish with one glass. Balanced dry Tramín smells of exotic spicy and floral tones. The taste is elegant and full with a strong fruity aftertaste. The long finish is supported by a pleasant, finer acid.

Chardonnay & Pinot Gris 2017
A wine full of flavor, in which yellow fruit mates with tones of cream and subtle smokiness from a barrique oak in which it has aged. We do not deny inspiration from Burgundy. Atypical for Moravian viticulture, but all the more delicious combination. Wine consisting of 60% Chardonnay and 40% Pinot Gris variety aged in original French barriques from the renowned Francois Fréres cooperage. The result is a complex and full-bodied wine with a burgundy character, a rich aroma of yellow fruit, pins, and apricots, supported by tones of noble oak wood and traces of coffee, caramel, and walnuts. The taste is first dominated by fruitiness, later nuts, cocoa, and cream. According to our sommelier, the incredible length, fullness, and power predetermine this wine for pairing with fatty fish, and it will also be a good partner for veal with cream sauce. Awards: Prague Wine Trophy 2020 - Prague Gold (86 p.), Decanter World Wine Awards 2020 - Bronze Medal (87 p.)

Merlot 2019

Price: 3190 CZK, wooden gift box included.


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