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Riesling vertical package in a wooden gift box

Riesling vertical package in a wooden gift box

The Sonberk Rieslings change every year. Enjoy them in a unique comparison.

3300 Kč

Contains sulfites

We are introducing the Sonberk Riesling. We have selected a total of six unique Rieslings from the Sonberk vineyards in the wooden box.

The quantity is limited. 

Riesling 2022 VOC: Attractive golden yellow color with a light yellow rim. The aroma is fresh, with notes of fresh apricot, linden blossom, and orange peel. The taste is lively, and delicate with a touch of apricot cake with cottage cheese crumble, lime zest, and a hint of honey. The finish is juicy, elegant, and long-lasting.

Riesling 2021 VOC: A dry, juicy Riesling full of fruitiness and dried fruits. A wine with a great future.

Riesling 2020 VOC: Juicy and dry Riesling with a subtle aroma full of dried fruit.

Riesling 2019 VOC: Dry, slightly mineral with spicy acidity. Riesling from a great vintage. Golden shimmering color with yellow edges. The aroma is elegant, rich in tones of peach and apricot with a hint of honeycomb. The taste is complex, structured, and spicy with a touch of fruitiness in the form of white peach and apricot. The finish is medium-long with a hint of beeswax, honey, and a strong mineral tone.

Riesling 2017 VOC: A year that will be remembered for a long time. A richer straw-yellow wine with golden highlights, with aromas of ripe peaches and dried pineapple accompanied by tones of linden blossom. It tastes like juicy apricots and has a strong structural acidity, fine minerality, and a long juicy aftertaste.

Riesling 2015 VOC: Extractive Riesling from an excellent vintage. The aroma is wonderfully fruity, accompanied by tones of linden blossom and honey. The taste is full of a strong hint of dried apricots and honey, accompanied by wonderful spiciness, fine minerality, and a long juicy aftertaste.


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