Christmas offer for companies

Corporate wine that will delight your colleagues and business partners

Reward everyone who made your business thrive this year. At your office or on the other side of the country - we'll help you choose, gift wrap and send out your liquid thank you.

The quickest solution? Hand out bottles.

All our wine is in stock ready to ship. Choose your favorites from our current corporate offer and send us your request easily from this page using the online form. We will promptly calculate the price, set up your quantity discount, and work with you on shipping details.

How about a nice gift wrapping?

We will be happy to gift wrap the bottles for you upon request. Choose from classic cardboard and wooden packaging here, or this year opt for an eco-friendly cotton bag that can be used after the gift has been given.

And what about a company logo?

If you won't be labelling your wine bottles with your company logo yourself upon receipt, we're happy to do it for you in advance. Supply us with your company stickers, tags or gift packaging and that's all you need to worry about. You don't pay anything extra on top of the price of the wine. 

And if I want graphics from you?

We'll be happy to prepare a wine for your company with a custom label, tag or other promotional signage. We will only add the graphic preparation and printing to the price of the wine according to the real cost. The time commitment is based on the technical specification and the printer's workload. Nothing we can't handle together if you contact us in a timely manner.

Good wine comes with a little something extra...

Flower honey from Sonberk bees, wine jelly from the Pálava variety or our trademarked grappa? Here you will find an overview of all the products that are born in Sonberk or specifically for Sonberk. Together with the wine, we will be happy to pack them for you in a nice bag, gift box or wooden case. 

What would Christmas be without a party...

Wine tastes best in the vineyard. We have been following this saying since 2008, when we opened the first modern wine house in the middle of a vineyard in the Czech Republic. Come with your colleagues and business partners to celebrate a year of working together and enjoy a good meal and dulcimer music along with your glas of Sonberk wine. You deserve it. 

The voucher guarantees it

Not sure? No problem. Together, we'll create a gift voucher for a wine purchase and/or wine experience to remember. 

Vinařství Sonberk

In five clicks, you're in the finish line full of great wine.

It doesn't matter if your plan is specific or vague, it costs nothing to ask. 


Come by for a glass of wine!

Would you like to see and experience our winery? We look forward to seeing you at Sonberk. 

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