What was the year 2018 like at Sonberk, part three


First dramatic news: For everyone who wants to buy Pálava 2016 VOC we have bad news. It’s sold out. But the better is that a few days later, on the 21st of September, we present together with other wines of 2017 and also Pálava of the year 2017. We celebrate the vintage together with our partners, supporters and Peter Bende. And all of us can look at how we dry the grapes of Pálava grapes under our wavy roof. Meanwhile, there are good news from Prague. The gold medal got our Tramín 2016 at the Prague Wine Trophy, and our riesling team made a huge hole in the world - three of them scored over the breakpoint of 90 points. And Riesling 2015 VOC has become the best Czech wine of this variety in our country. The vintage is in full swing and we do not know where to start. Boxes that take 20 kilograms of grapes fill the skillful hands of collectors (we do not have the picking machines on Sonberk) as fast as they can. We start to collect late Riesling and Merlot on the 21st of September, which is earliest ever. Sommelier David Pavlicek is also busy with Sonberks tent at the Pragues wine event in Grébovka, where over 25,000 people eventually come.


Right here in the winery we welcome the team from Borgo Angese, who cooks for us on the first evening of our Gastroautumn. On October 22, we finish harvesting grapes that have a little less acid than usual. While the last grapes are almost in the cellar, we are already bottleing our only young wine – Moravian Muscat 2018, extra dry as usual, where there is only 0.1 gram of residual sugar.


We are very happy to announce, that we are one of the 9 finalists of the Winery of the Year competition. The Commissioners arrive on 20th Novembe. But we will not know the results until the end of January. Together with other Winemakers of Hustopece area, we open a wine shop in the center of the town. French cooperage François Frères sen dus eleven oak barrels, who will pamper our Merlot. Directly to the winery come to cook gastronomagicians from the Koishi restaurant in Brno and at the end of the month for the first time we show the first rieslings in magnum bottles. We press the last press, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. Merlot 2017 leaves the barrels and new and last year's barrels are filled with Merlot 2018. David represents us at the castle festivities in Cesky Krumlov, where despite our competition 30 wineries people very much like our dry Pálava of 2017.


Roman begins with the grubbing of the vineyard - the old (prerevolutionary) lines of Sauvignon and Chardonnay will replace the Pálava and Moravian Muscat in the spring of 2020. Olda has a lot of work in the cellar, and the rest of us with Christmas presents. We send to Pálava and Riesling a variety of pallets to Germany, a lot of Merlot and innumerable cartons and wooden cassettes go to corporate clients and people who just want a few bottles to make Christmas more pleasant. On December 20 we enjoy our party and we look forward to Christmas spent with loved ones and families. However, we are open even between the holidays and we are very pleased that many of you will come to enjoy the winter outlook on Pálava and take the wine supplies for the end of the year

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