Concert of Tomas Klus on Sonberk

The most successful contemporary Czech singer-songwriter has long been at the top of the music charts with his work, breaking the number of attendance at his concerts. Enjoy this time his poetic playful work in the intimate spirit, with a bottle of exclusive wines and romantic views from our sunny winery. Get ready for an unforgettable experience. Capacity limited and tickets are available HERE!

The gate opens at 18:00.

Start of Tomas Klus at 20:00.

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in Kuks

Tradition wine festivities in Kuks will take place on saturday 10th of September. For the 16th time, you will meet wine makers in romantic baroque areal. At 1PM, there will be wine pouring everywhere. Come and meet us there!

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Concert of Jelen on Sonberk

Jelen, a Czech acoustic music group playing so-called roots music. Songs from his work are based on popular music such as country, folk, bluegrass, and blues.

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Concert of David Koller on Sonberk

David Koller, Czech rock singer, composer and drummer. He is one of the important musicians of the middle generation of the Czech big beat.

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Concert of MIG 21 on Sonberk

MIG 21, Czech pop music group,

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Concert of Pokáč on Sonberk

Pokáč, Czech singer and songwriter playing guitar and ukulele. His songs often contain irony, sarcasm and exaggeration.

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Come for a glass of wine

Would you like to see and experience all this? We look forward to seeing you at Sonberk. Come and enjoy the view of Pálava hills.

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