Concert of Čechomor on Sonberk

Czech-Moravian musical group, which in an original way processes folk songs. They have been on the scene for over thirty years. During this time Čechomor has changed many times both in personnel and in style of music. However, its characteristic feature has always remained its imaginative arrangements, distinctive interpretation and inspiration in folk songs.

The group has toured successfully in Europe, North America, Russia, China, Mongolia and Australia, recorded over twenty albums for leading Czech and international labels, and collaborated with a number of prominent artists, including the American singer-songwriter Suzanne Vega, Irish singer Iarl Ó'Lionáird, Japanese drummer and shakuhachi player Joji Hirota, bassist Tony Levine, Jaz Coleman, Vlado Kumpan, Ivan Tásler, singers Lenka Dusilová, Ewa Farna and many others.

The capacity is limited, you can buy tickets HERE!

The gate opens at 18:00.

Start Čechomor at 20:00.

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