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Sauvignon Blanc 2006
Attribute selection of noble berries
Sugar content by harvest 36,6° NM
Residual sugar 172,0 g/l
Total acidity 8,4 g/l
Alcohol 11,0 obj. %
Bottle volume 35 cl
Contains sulfites

Sauvignon Blanc 2006

Naturally sweet selection of noble-berries, Typical Sauvignon Blanc tones underlined by wonderfull residual sugar.

Wine of golden colour, its concentrated aroma is typically due to the dry noble-berries from which it is produced, evoking candied orange zest and dried apricots. The taste is full, perfectly balanced,it blends the sweetness of honey with a fresh acidity.

"This wine has a gown of the colour of pure gold. Its concentrated aroma is typically botrytic thanks to the dry botrytic raisins, from which it is made of, and it reminds me of candied orange peel and dried apricot.  The taste is complex, perfectly balanced. Honey sweetness and fresh acidity is combining in the perfect harmony and in never ending aftertaste. The body of this wine can handle the storm of sweet desserts, but you will feel like in heaven when you combine it with blue cheese or delicate foie gras… No wonder that French call this matching: ”c’est le petit Jesus dans la culotte courte” (It is jike a Jesus in short trousers). For me, this wine is flawless and deserves 5 stars – amazing, splendid, superb!"

Helena Baker AIWS

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