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Pálava 2018 Straw Wine
Attribute straw wine
Residual sugar 209,9 g/l
Total acidity 6,5 g/l
Alcohol 9,0 obj. %
Bottle volume 25 cl

Pálava 2018 Straw Wine

An adorable dessert wine in a lovely perfume-styled bottle. First of its kind from Sonberk´s winemaker Olda Drápal Jr.

Straw yellow color with golden reflections, in the smell of surprising freshness with tones of dried fruit and oriental spice. A well-balanced juicy flavor combines a candied peach with a ginger.

One of Sonberk's top grapes transformed into nectar of the gods under the very roof of the winery building using techniques pioneered by Oldřich himself. Pronounced lychee and rose petal aromas and a luscious, mouthfilling texture, this wine is delicious all by itself. Alternatively, it goes brilliantly with paté at he start of the meal or with cheese or fruit-based desserts at the end. Another classic from Sonberk, certain to take the world by storm and to get better over the next decade or two.

Mike Mazey, Lead Author of WineWords - English for Wine Professionals and Wine Lovers

Harvest: 20. 9. and 25. 9. 2018
Pressing: 18. 2. 2019
Sugar level at pressing: 41 °NM



Oenoforum 2020 - Winner of it's category

Prague Wine Trophy 2020, ČR - Prague Premium Gold (91 p.)

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