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Olda Christmas Gift Box
Contains sulfites

Olda Christmas Gift Box

Elegant triple gift  box made of lacquered cardboard  box contains  Chardonnay & Pinot Gris 2016, Riesling 2015 VOC, Botrytis Vinegar, Vine jelly and Corkscrew as a gift!

Chardonnay & Pinot Gris 2016 - this noble blend consists of 60% Chardonnay and 40% Pinot Gris. 100% of Chardonnay fermented and aged in new and older French oak Francois Fréres barrels. A complex and full-bodied wine with a distinct Burgundy character; With a rich smell of yellow fruit, mirabelle plums, and apricots, underlined by tones of noble oak, with traces of coffee, caramel, and walnuts. On the palate first, there is fruitiness with nuts, cocoa and cream notes developing later. Both taste and aroma get refreshed by a touch of eucalyptus. 

Riesling 2015 VOC - Riesling Grand Cru at its best. Very strong and full-bodied Riesling from an excellent vintage. The aroma is beautifully fruity, with tones of linden blossom and linden honey. The taste is full, with distinct dried apricot and honey, along with a very nice spiciness, gentle minerality, and a long, juicy aftertaste. 
Wine of certified origin, abbrev. transl. - more info on VOC Mikulov.

Botrytis Vinegar - heavenly delicate wine vinegar produced from Riesling noble berries. The only one on the Czech market. A wonderfully delicate and gentle wine vinegar, its aroma with hints of young balsamic vinegar. The taste is pure and delicious. Produced in the traditional fermentation process of fine wine.

Wine jelly - exclusive wine jelly made of Palava. Unsweetened; the only of its kind on the Czech market. Pairs well with hard cheese such as Parmigiano Reggiano - use as a dip. Glass 100 g.

Gift boxelegant triple gift box in neutral white-and-green color combination perfectly matching all Sonberk wine labels. Made of lacquered cardboard. Designed for three wine bottles of volume 0.75 L. 

Corkscrew as a gift!

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