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Grand Cru V8 Collection 2020
Contains sulfites

Grand Cru V8 Collection 2020

V8 Winemakers Alliance have chosen a l imited edition for 2020,  and you can order it now.

Taste the selection of the best wines from the V8 Winemakers Alliance coming from great vineyards of the allied wineries. Typical wines from the best vineyards that reflect the respective terroir. Packed in a beautiful wooden gift box.

In a blind tasting winemakers of the participating V8 wineries - Kolby, Nové Vinařství, Sonberk, Reisten, Vinařství Volařík, Víno Marcinčák - have chosen the following 8 unique wines for 2020:

Winery Kolby - vineyard Kolby: Selection - Ryzlink rýnský, late harvest 2018, dry

Winery Sonberk - vineyard Sonberk: Velký Sonberk - Riesling, VOC Mikulov 2017, dry

Winery Sonberk - vineyard Sonberk: Velký Sonberk - Pálava, VOC Mikulov 2018, dry

Winery Volařík - vineyard Ořechová hora: Terroir - Ryzlink vlašský, selection of grapes 2018, semi-dry

Wine Marcinčák - vineyard Daniel: BIO - Pinot gris, late harvest 2018, dry

Wine Marcinčák - vineyard Stará hora: BIO - Frankovka, straw wine 2008, sweet

Nové vinařství - trať Bavorsko: Cépage - Ryzlink vlašský, dessert wine 2017, sweet

Winery Reisten - trať Valtická: Meidenburg - Merlot, late harvest 2018, dry

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