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Riesling vertical package in a wooden casket
Contains sulfites

Riesling vertical package in a wooden casket

We are introducing sonberks Riesling. We have selected a total of six unique Rieslings from sonberks vineyards from 2013 to 2018 in our gift box. Limited edition - only 60 boxes!

 Riesling 2018 VOC - the new edition of the Riesling - at Sonnerk is still young, but with great maturing potential

 Riesling 2017 VOC -  the aroma is beautifully fruity, accompanied by tones of linden blossom. In the taste of juicy apricots, in the presence of wonderful acidity, delicate minerals and long juicy flavor.

 Riesling 2016 VOC - the aroma with tones of linden blossom, fresh apricots and herbs. Enjoy a spicy acid with a mineral line. Young wine with the potential to grow.

 Riesling 2015 VOC - the aroma is beautifully fruity, accompanied by tones of linden blossom and honey. The taste is full of a distinctive trace of dried apricots and honey, accompanied by splendid spice, fine minerality and long juicy aftertaste.

 Riesling 2014 VOC - greenish golden colors, apricot scent, linden blossom, a light hint of petroleum on the palate that will continue to evolve. The taste is solid, very structured, with a long mineral end and with decent fruitiness.

 Riesling 2013 VOC - a shimmering, golden-colored wine with an intense aroma of dried apricots, with a honey-like mineral hint that goes down to the harsh petroleum impression. The taste is crystal clear and exceptionally long with a strong citric acid that is so typical for that vintage. Perfect wine for exceptional experiences.

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