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We hosted "Winery of the year" comittee

Once we got the message that we are in the final of the Winery of the year we were very happy. But we also knew, that it's gonna take a lot of work and it's not going to be easy. Last night we had the comittee come over to Sonberk, and our winemaker Olda Drápal Jr., vineyard manager Roman Slouk and our marketing and sales manager Dáša Fialová presented them each of their field and now it's time for the comittee to decide who, out of those nine finalist was the best. We'll know the results January 24th. Wish us luck!

Joy came from France: François Frères oak barrels

It's usually like we're at Sonberk, who sends out packages that bring a lot of happiness. They are in bottles and liquid. But now we have a couple of  deliveries to us. Large and wooden. We got 11 barred oak barrels from François Frères, the famous French cooperage, which are used to produce wine with a Burgundy character.

Wine is a bit of alchemy. In order to succeed, you have to put together a lot of small pieces in one big puzzle at the right time and with the right amount. A part of Sonberks wines are resting in François Frères's barrels. There are only a few wineries in the Czech Republic (rather in Moravia), and it is no coincidence that they are the ones we are facing this year in the competition with the title “Winery of the Year”.

Our winemaker, Olda Drápal, chose this brand in 2005 and has not been allowed to do so since then. Why? "Because I like the taste of the wine the best," laughed at the first question, but then he explains it. "As a basis, we have these barrels for years, and every year we try some other ones for comparison. François Frères is still the best performer. Among other things, because their barrels are really high-quality,"says Olda.


The production of barrels that hold 225 liters of wine lasts for the first time. For the most common ones, their wood matures for 12 to 24 months. For the “Exclusif” ones wood dries for 36 months and "Rare" barrels for 48 months. "The producer lets the wood stand outside, let it rain and the sun shines, so the hardest tannins are leached out, and the wood matures properly," Olda says. In addition to wood and its maturity, the character of the resulting wine also makes the burning, which is provided with the interior of the barrel. It's like him with a steak. The master can order what degree of toastiness he wants. So believe the Sonberks barrels are burnt to the medium. We use them for two years, because then the firing has no strength. In addition, in order for wine to be labeled barrique can use a maximum of three times. "It is also true that white wine is being purchased with barrels of lesser density in wood and red with a higher density of rings in wood," adds Olda.

The maturing in the oak barrique barrel does not concern every Sonberk wine. Chardonnay is used in cuvée with Pinot Gris, Sémillon / Sauvignon and mainly our Merlot, the only Sonberk red wine. Yes, the one that won its category at the award-winning Oenoforum 2018 Wine Conference. That barrels have arrived right now is no coincidence. Merlot will be poured into them in the year 2018 from the recently harvested grapes. And yes, it also means that we’ll start selling the vintage 2016 really soon.

For Koishi we are preparing the best wine selection

Wonderful wine and food will be paired on the second evening of our Gastroautumn, which we hold directly in the winery at our big table. It will happen two weeks from today, on Tuesday 20 November, in cooperation with the famous Koishi restaurant in Brno. We already know it will be a great evening. Why?

The resulting menu of this evening was based on our sommelier David Pavlíček, who chose what he thinks is the best Sonberks can offer. He brought it directly to Koishi, where they picked out the right meals for the wine. Served with salmon tartar, sea bass, Tom Yum creamy soup, beef cheeks and dessert, which is a variation on the well-known Piña Colada drink. "In Koishi they focus on European cuisine with Asian elements, working perfectly with seafood to orient oriental taste. And exactly in this spirit, the chef Martin Babica prepared the various courses for our evening, "said David Pavlíček, who has a deep relationship with Koishi and its wine bar and Petit Cru wine bar. Because few years before he came to Sonberk, he was working in that exact wine shop.

For booking a spot on the second evening of Gastroautumn you can e-mail, its price is 2150 CZK and wine per person. If you love Koishi and you often come to the restaurant, you can take it as an opportunity to enjoy their skills a little differently. Their chefs are going out of their kitchens about twice a year. However, they also present their art in the Reduta Theater as part of the Duchess and Chef's performances which we are also part of.

Winemakers of Hustopeče area opened new wine bar in the center of Hustopeče

 For a few days, Sonberk wine, together with other members of the Winemakers of Hustopeče Association, has been seen and tasted in a new place. The group we put together about a year ago opened a new wine shop in the center of Hustopeče at Mrštíkova Street. This wine bar is here to help make the new association visible among tourists and visitors of the city and also to show local people what they can be proud of.


Fourteen wineries now belong to the club. "We have small producers among us, whose wines would otherwise be difficult to find in thecity, even big brands known throughout the country, such as Sonberk. Thanks to our connection, everybody can find the wine that best fits his taste, "said Josef Vrátil, chairman of the association.

The wine bar looks forward to your visit, so come and taste what we have to offer. ;)

Moravian Muscat 2018 is already here!

Everyone is always wondering. What will the next vintage be like?

We know we are still at the beginning, but you can taste our Moravian Muscat vintage 2018 and see for yourself! This is our only young wine, of course Sonberk has been doing traditionally since 2004.

And what is it like? It is completely dry, has only 0.1 grams of sugar, smell of ripe apricots, citrus and

grapefruit and has a light and juicy flavor with a spicy finish.

This year we have 12 thousand bottles, for which you can either come to us or you can buy it at our dealers.

We are one of nine finalists of the Winery of the year competition!

We have got great news! In the Winery of the year competition we are one of the three finalist competing for the best winery in the medium sized winerys category. In the year of 2013 we won the whole competition and in 2015 we won the category. Since then we haven't compete and now, after two years we can be in the final again, which makes us very happy, because it's a great reward for the work we've been doing.


Second Gastroevening is coming

Harvest has ended, each and every grape is under the roof.

Monday 22 October was the first day our winegrower Roman Slouk could relax. Harvest is finished. This was the last day when he set out for the vineyard to collect what had grown on them for the whole year. After all that observation of the sky, if and how much water falls from it, and also into the ground, how much water it holds in it, it was a great relief.

The amount of water that has come to the vineyard was a subject of discussions even more this year than in previous years. For a moment, it seemed like we were going to pray for each and every drop, but the final figures in the statistics we are doing here at Sonberk show that 2018 wasn’t bellow average. "What wine this year will be, we can not say right now we have to wait until spring. But we have harvested more grapes than usual, and their sugar content was fine, so everything looks good, "Roman said, but he still allowed himself a little more to anticipate. "With year-round higher temperatures and having a lot of sunshine, we've moved a bit to the Mediterranean, which must be reflected. The 2018 year will be very special and well recognizable. "

As it will be, we will have the first clues in a few days. We are just bottling the only young wine from Sonberk. Moravian Muscat vintage 2018. Available in November.

Our first Gastronight, was mesmerized by dry-aged tenderloin steak

A very nice experience for us and another 14 lovers of great food and wine, prepared by our friends from Borgo Agnese restaurant on Tuesday. It was they who took care of the seven-course menu of our first Gastronight, which we organized directly at Sonberk at the big table overlooking Pálava and we are very happy that the table was filled to the last place.

How did it look exactly on Tuesday? Michal Prachař, co-owner of Borgo Agnese, took his colleagues, plenty of dishes, from different kinds of plates to their own grill, and especially the best raw materials that transformed them on the spot in perfect dishes suitable for getting together with our wines. We served the sea bass carpaccio, and our cuvée Pinot Gris&Chardonnay 2017, marinated beef with mayonnaise and Jalapeňo peppers with Riesling 2015, lobster with squashed pea and mint paired with Chardonnay&Pinot gris 2015 or 45 days dry-aged Iberico sirloin steak paired well with Merlot.

The advantage of such a small event is that the chef has time to talk about his art with people, and that is exactly what happened. The question was whether a sea bass lying on a plate was really caught on a fishing hook on the high seas (yes, it was) or how it is with the pairing of wines to eat.

Because Sonberk is mainly about white wine, the menu was mainly based on fish and seafood. An exception was our Merlot 2015, served with steak from 45 days dry-aged sirloin steak. "It was a cherry on top that earned the most praise, it was great, the main course fulfilled expectations and it was the star of the evening," said our marketing director Dáša Fialová. Another great combination was of scallops with our dry Pálava 2017 VOC, which is not on sale yet.

There were even two wines to choose from, so visitors could try out how this menu selection looks. "We did it in beef with Japanese mayonnaise and jalapeňos, variants were dry Riesling 2015 VOC and semi-dry botrytis Riesling 2017, which is just getting ready for the market. "It turned out that the higher residual sugar was better supplemented with spicy peppers," Dáša added.

The first evening of Gastroautumn was with Borgo Agnese, because this year we celebrate ten years of cooperation, which we have already confirmed in the production of a special cuvée Borgo, which can be found only in this restaurant in Brno.

But now we are preparing the second evening of the food and wine pairing with specialists from Brno’s Koishi restaurant, where they focus mainly on asian cuisine. It will be on November 20th and their owner Janko Martinkovič will come as well, who is known for how he’s liked them among the people, so the fun will surely be taken care of. We accept the booking now on e-mail estimated price is 1500 CZK for the 5-course menu, 2000 CZK for the wine pairing menu. The price will be specified with an upcoming date.

Rieslings again! Results from Prague Wine Trophy arrived

It's been about half a year since we told you that our Rieslings got a lot of prizes at the prestigious French Concours des Grands Vins Blancs du Monde. Now there are similarly nice news from the Prague Wine Trophy, the biggest Czech competition in terms of the number of samples being evaluated.

Three of our Rieslings scored more than 90 points. And Riesling 2015 VOC has become the best wine of this variety in the Czech Republic. Among the first five best Rieslings was the only one from Czech, the other four were from Germany or Austria. Its final score is 92.8 points, and so the entire next year we can be proud to have the Prague Regional Champion. And you can still get it in our e-shop.

We say Rieslings are our flagship and and we think it should stay that way is also proved by the awards for his siblings from other years. Riesling Noble Rot (with noble mold) has reached 90.8 points for the tasters and the Prague Premium Gold label. And just two tenths of a point less has earned Riesling 2016 VOC.

As far as the successes in the competitions are concerned, we have another favorite. Merlot 2015 was very much appreciated by the Oenoforum 2018 and now, the results from Prague Wine Trophy confirm it’s status. Merlot 2015 became Prague Wine Trophy the best rated Czech wine in its category. With a result of 90.7 points, so it means another wine with the title Prague Regional Champion. Also this wine, which has matured for 12 months in new French medium-toasted barrique barrels, can still be bought at the e-shop.


We will have straw Pálava vintage 2018

Straw wine has a specific taste and has a specific way of being produced. It is not for everyday drinking, rather for special occasions. Still (or perhaps because of that) straw wine has a lot of its supporters. And we will not disappoint them. Also this year, we have put part of the grapes of our favorite Pálava aside, lay them on wooden frames and we will dry them for several months so that we can then press out extra sweet juice, with what you will be able to especial your evenings. And if you can't wait to try it, we still have vintage 2016 in sale and according to Decanter World Wine Awards it got 96 points and a gold medal.


Grand cru Sonberk messages from important figures

When we welcome the visitors during the summer, many ask how they choose a wine to take home. There is plenty of advice. You can like the taste of the wine, but sometimes, when you have to drive, there are other ways to choose. You can like the label, and here at Sonberk we have another option for youWe have such a tradition that every wine of the Grand Cru Sonberk series has its own patrons, a person who, through a bottle tie on - label, describes his relationship to wine, Sonberk, or the experience associated with the wine. The same is true for the ones we introduced this year.

And how is it this year?

With our Riesling for example, we try to stick with musiciansIn the past, it was David Koller or Rudy Linka, and we really do stay with musicians this year. For Riesling 2016 VOC it became Zdenka and Jiří Tichot of the Spiritual QuintetThey wrote a nostalgic memory of how their wine returned to their home feeling when they returned from abroad after a long time.

Other wine bottles can also be found in wine-loving experts. Merlot is described by Bertrand Nicolase, a Bordeaux winegrower, the birthplace of this variety. The award-winning Cuvée from Chardonnay&Pinot Gris was reviewed by Thomas Costenoble, Director of the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles International Competition.

SCS ends but don’t worry. Gastroautumn is coming

That we're trying to activate all your senses, you probably know. And now in the autumn we're gonna have another proof. It's called Gastroautumn, and it means for you that you can enjoy a couple of evenings in the winery in the company of friends or family, our wine and great food from the chefs of excellent restaurants.

We are still figuring out the specific program, but the basics are clear now. We will start on Tuesday, October 9, when our friends from the Borgo Agnese restaurant in Brno, where they are masters of Mediterranean cuisine and high culinary art, come to us. We will not lie, it was quite clear that they would be the first ones. We have been working together for ten years, and it's actually a celebration of getting it together. The owner Michal Prachař will personally cook, who you can then tell how you liked it or talk to him about how restaurant business in Brno looks like.

And what will be tasted? The menu is still in progress, but the basic outline is already revealed. It's going to be five to seven courses, and we're looking forward to a 45-day-old tenderloin beef steak with a demi-glace sauce, which will be great with our Merlot. Each of the dishes will have a special wine partner to make the most of them. But we do not want to dictate anything, so you can try out what works the best for you.

There will be several evenings of Gastroautumn and our plan is that it would always have a pleasant intimate experience at our big table in the winery. We are still figuring out the prices, but we'll let them know in time.

Reservations will be received by e-mail



Sonberks harvest is almost here

September 21st we are ending our summer of cultural events and it will be with one and only Petr Bende. You can get your tickets on smsticket. The concert itself will start at 7pm, but you don't have to come just for the concert. If you come earlier you'll have more time to enjoy new wines that we will introduce, after six month break. Also Brno's Kafe & Kobliha (coffee and donut) will be here, ale we'll have some refreshments as well. So see you on Friday 21st. :)


Goodbye summer with Michal Prokop Trio

We'll say proper goodbye to summer with Michal Prokop Trio. Two very skilled guitar players and one multigenre violinist will preform here at Sonberk. Come and enjoy it with us. It was a great summer, which it wouldn't be without all of you. :)

So Friday, 31.8.2018, 7pm, SONBERK

We are looking forward.

Harvest has begun

According to the date in the calendar, only few would have guessed it but who has been driving around the vineyard, he does not wonder. Earlier this morning, at about six o'clock, Sonberk began the most anticipated part of the year - harvesting grapes. About thirty assistants helpers ran into the Moravian Muscat, which matured first, and we started to process it.

But much work had to be done before the start of the vintage. Last week we finished with vintage 2017, by bottling botrytis Riesling 2017 into Magnum bottles, with a capacity of 1.5 liters. Before this year's harvest comes to the cellar, we must remove all of the wine and any mess to avoid contamination. The cleaning happened everywhere, including the space under the roof, which is intended for drying grapes for straw wine.

Now let’s just hope the weather won’t change. Wish us luck :)

Ondřej and Bára Trojanovi and their movie Občanský průkaz

We are looking forward to discussion with Ondřej Trojan about his movies Pelíšky, Želary, Lichožrouti, Občanský průkaz, very new TOMAN and others.

The evening will be accompannied by Midnight Coffee Session - modern nontraditional cimbalom band.



We are open till 9 pm

Together with other Winemakers of Hustopeče region we are open till 9 pm.


You can come, taste the wine, enjoy the sunset and the best view on Pálava hills.





Best combination: Hot summer evening and Peter Lipa Band

You probably need a break from the hot weather, but believe the break is coming. Not a break from the weather but a break in a formo f a weekend. And on Sonberk, you can enjoy the upcoming Friday with a great musical evening. Within the Sonberks  cultural summer, Peter Lipa arrives,  bringing his band with a unique experience as a tailored cut for the hot August evening. Look forward to combining jazz, blues, beautiful lyrics and Slovak temperament.




And not only that, we are always trying to improve our little summer festival, and so we have agreed with Brnos Kafe & Kobliha (coffee and a donut) that they will be with us on Friday evening too. What does it mean? Besides wine and classic refreshments, you will be able to get some of the great summer donuts that are normally sold only in a small shop in the center of Pekařská and also a great coffee.


The basic information is clear: Getting Started at 19 o'clock and you can get your ticket on Wednesday through smsticket or on Friday straight on the spot. See you soon! ;)

Mediterranean breeze in the vineyard: Vine is month ahead

Maybe you've noticed this on your trips around southern Moravian , but we see it in our vineyard every day. Nature has been a bit crazy this year, and although people mostly talk about drought, vines are in development three weeks to a month ahead. Yes, the vintage will be a lot sooner than usual.

Even in the beginning of April, when we opened the season on Easter, there was nothing indication of what awaits us this year. "It was raining, it was windy, it was cold. But then, in the week, it changed to nice and warm and it stayed like that from then on. This year we are enjoying truly Mediterranean conditions, "said Roman Slouk, who is honestly watching all weather indicators.

Maybe you remember that a few weeks ago we wrote that we do not feel the drought yet, because water was still at the deepest roots. Right now it is not like that, so Roman has done the right thing. Every second row in the vineyard was crushed, so every single drop of rain falls straight to each vine.

Because berries are already getting bigger, everyone is slowly thinking of preparations for the vintage. As it looks, early varieties, such as Moravian Muscat, the harvest could begin around August 15th.

One scenario, however, has been clear for quiet a long time. The date of our „Sonberks harvest“ is set on September 21 where acoustic concert will be played by Petr Bende. This time, it looks like when you come, you will also find yourself in the middle of a real harvest.


Jazz & books

What? Jazz music & book reading & wine tasting

When? Saturday, July 21st

What time? 7pm

Where? @ Sonberk 

Great news from Oenoforum: Sonberk‘s Merlot 2015 has succeeded in international competition

That our Merlot 2015 would be very good, our winemaker Oldřich Drápal Jr, knew. But that it would be so good to win it‘s category at an important international conference Oenoforum 2018 he did not know. The only red wine we've been making has succeded so much so, that the international jury gave it 91 points last week and a gold medal in the B2 category, which are dry red wines from 2016 and older, with residual sugar up to four grams per liter.

Oenoforum is one of the few Czech conferences and competitions held under the patronage of the International Organization of Wine and Viticulture (OIV). This means that the wines in each category are also judged by foreign experts, and the chairman of the tasting committee in each category is always a foreigner. "I myself evaluated this year in one category, where there were two Italians and one Portuguese. The composition of the committee is important to know, in each state we have different preferences for red wines, "he said.

Sonberk‘s Merlot 2015, however, is liked by both - domestic and foreign tasters. We have been succeding in competitions lately, but this news is special. We don’t make red wines that much, just about four thousand bottles out of a total of 150 thousand, and only in really good years. "For example, in the years 2013 and 2014, which were cooler, we produced "only" rosé. But in 2015 we knew that we could make red and it would turn out to be great, "said Olda, who also said that red wine production is easier for winemakers "In a nutshell, you just let it ferment then it goes to the barrels, in our case barrique barrels, from the Burgundy coopers Francois Fréres, for 12 months," said Olda.

Sonberks success at this year's Oenoforum, which took place last week in Brno, means more when Czech wines didn’t have that much success. Of the total of twenty categories evaluated, domestic producers won only seven of them.

We currently have about 1000 bottles of Merlot vintage 2015 and we are pretty sure that it will not last till Christmas ... But you can still find it on our eshop.

We promote our region

Everything worked out really well and we became part of a group called „Winemakers of Hustopeče area“. Members are winemakers such as Fabig, Aurora or Samson family winery.

The surroundings of Hustopeče have their own specifics. Thanks to the favorable climate and soil composition a unique environment has been created that gives aromatic complex wines with higher acidity.

We‘ve joined the project because we want to be a part of the region. Everyone in the group is working in the same area, so it makes sense to stick together and help each other, "said Dáša Fialová, Sales and Marketing Director of Sonberk.


The first event we will do will be „Open Cellars of Hustopeče“. This means that, along with other selected winemakers, we will be open on specific dates at Sonberk until late evening, exactly until 9pm. It will be from 25th June to 1st July, from 23rd to 29th July and from 6th to 12th August. We look forward to seeing you!


Image may contain: 13 people, people smiling, people sitting, shoes and outdoor

Wine tastings in the near future

Tomorrow, June 14th , our wine maker Oldřich Drápal jr. and our friends from the Alliance of V8 winemakers will be at Zábřeh castle in Ostrava.

On Monday, June 18th, you can see our sommelier David Pavlíček in Pilsen in the restaurant „Za oponou“.

You can also meet us the weekend 23rd-24th on a less traditional occasion which is the Czech Fashion Week in Teplice .

And then, when on Monday the 25th of June there will be a wine tasting with David Pavlíček in a wine shop called Mlsoun in Hradec Králové. The degustation starts at 19 o'clock and costs 290 crowns.


If you want to come to Sonberk and enjoy warm summer nights with us you are all invited!

 Get your tickets here.

See the whole program few posts below.



You like to return to us?


Decanter World Wine Awards 2018

We know we're still talking about our success and it's a little bit ... No, no, we're still happy about it, and so we're going to share another great joy! A few hours ago, we received the results of the Decanter World Wine Awards, the world's largest and most prestigious wine competition, where we won the gold medal for our 2016 straw Pálava, two silver medals for Riesling 2016 and Pálava 2016 VOC and bronze for our cuvée Sémillon/Sauvignon 2015.

This year's scored the most our straw Pálava 2016 with a total of 96 points. Moravian wines had great success with a total of 94 awards.

We have had great results from past years as well. Last year we got two platinum medals for the Pálava 2015 VOC and Riesling 2014 selection of noble berries.

What is also very pleasing is the success of Gotberg winery, who won the platinum medal for their Riesling, a late 2016 harvest. "It's great that the greatest success has stayed in Popice. It turns out that if someone comes here for wine, he can not be wrong, "Dáša Fialová, our marketing director, said with a smile.

See us in Brno, Olomouc and Prague

Introducing this year's news and giving what you have already tried and loved, you can see us on three interesting events.


The first one is tomorrow 24 May. In the „Open Garden“ (Otevřená zahrada) on Údolní street in Brno. Tickets can be bought on the site and cost 390 CZK.


Then on May 31st with our friends from the Alliance of V8 winemakers. The association, which is not only Reisten, Volařík, Nové vinařství, Krásná hora, Kolby and Víno Marcinčák so stop at the Clarion Hotel in Olomouc. Tickets are in advance 390 CZK and can be bought online at


 And also there is Jazz & Wine Fest in Prague's Jiřího z Poděbrad square, and you can find us there on Friday 25th and Saturday May 26th.


We look forward to seeing you! :)

Bad weather for the vineyard? We don't think so!

You’ve probably read it somewhere online, or you heard it in the news. Czech Republic suffers from a drought, and although it has rained a bit, it does not seem like the problem is solved. What does it mean for vineyards at Sonberk? According to our winemaker, Roman Slouk, fortunately, nothing. He's more than happy. This year's weather is so desirable for future grapes.


"This year we have nothing to complain about. Actually, until Easter it was cold and then it was beautiful, so the vine is compared with the past ten days ahead and everything grows fast. Within a week, it’ll begin to blossom, so the rain came exactly when it was needed, "said Roman, who also pleased the rain because of its release of nitrogen and other nutrients in the soil. "Grapevine is in such a great condition like we have not experienced it for a long time," says Roman.

Confirmed: Even the Young Winemakers like our wine!

Do you know what Young Winemakers like? In Sonberk hope that among other wines, ours do too. And results of the "Co chutná mladým" competition and conference organized by the Young Winemakers (Mladí vinaři) last week is three gold medals - the 2015 VOC Riesling, Sauvignon 2017 and our award-winning cuvée from Chardonnay and Pinot Gris.


Young winemakers are trying to bring the elements of modern viticulture to the Czech Republic as much as we do. They also concentrate mainly on dry wines and we want to move this trend together in the Czech Republic, "said our marketing director Dáša Fialová.


In addition to the three gold medals, one more thing made us happy. At the conference, Nathalie Mairesse, from France, came to give a lecture about how the wood of the barrel in which the drink matured influences the wine. It was a great for us because Nathalie works for the famous French coinage François Frères, who supplies barrels for us as well, in which we mature some of our wines. Our wine maker, Oldřich Drápal Jr., spent a lot of time with her, Nathalie tasted our wines, and everyone agreed that we are very happy about the cooperation and that it would continue.

Our Rieslings are worldly!

In Strasbourg, at a prestigious international competition of white wines Concours des Grands Vins Blancs du Monde, where the best wines from Europe meet in different categories according to the varieties. And in the Riesling Competition three Rieslings were awarded with three gold medals. So further proof: Not only French wines can be world-wide, but it can be said about Moravian wines also.


Riesling VOC 2013, his younger "sister" from 2015 and Riesling „Noble rot“ (grapes are harvested with botrytis cinerea), these are three wines that the jury has evaluated with gold medals. For us, this means mainly that we are going in the right direction. Riesling is our flagship, it forms the majority of our vineyards.


We can not find vintage 2013, they are sold out, but few bottles can still be found in various main restaurants in Brno. The year 2015 is waiting for new fans in our e-shop or in the winery.




Since 2012, our wines have been participating in a charity American Wine Competition called Finger Lakes International Wine Competetition and this year we were very successful! Our sweet Pálava - selection of grapes from 2016 - was among the top five Czech wines - it got more than 90 points and the Double Gold mark. And also Palava straw wine from 2016 won the silver medal. And since it’s a charity competition the money from wine vendor registration fees in the competition and the proceeds from the sale of wine go to the financing of the camp for children suffering from cancer. Overall, 2800 wines from 18 countries worldwide have been evaluated this year. If you want to find out what the tasters of both Pálava tasted, you can order a selection of grapes and a straw variation in our eshop.


Summer in Sonberk! What can you expect?

It seems like it far away, but it'll come faster than you think! So this is a little summary of what we are planning for you this summer!

 Starting July 7th - conversations with Jaroslav Dušek, czech actor especially famous for his role in the movie Pelíšky.


On July 21st we have the pleasure to bring together czech writer Michael Viewegh and jazz musician Jiří Stivín.


August 3rd will come Slovakias singer Peter Lipa with his band.


August 17th we'll bring you a piece of Slavonice's film festival and Ondřej and Bára Trojan will talk about the film industry.


August 31st you can look forward to singer Michael Prokop and his trio. A little preview here.


And finally - September 21st the perfect combination of music and wine harvest. Singer Petr Bende will be accompanied by cimbalom! To see what can you expect see this video.



 A bit nervous also very happy to officially open the vintage season in Sonberk.

In addition to having an exciting program for the extended Easter weekend, you can finally taste all this year's news. What are they?  At Sonberk we have traditionally made two types of wines, called Grand Cru and Silver Sonberk. The first ones are the wines we have especially „played with“, from later harvests, often from older vineyards and suitable for archiving. Enjoy the big dry trio: Riesling, Tramin and Pálava, all in the year 2016. "Riesling is our flagship, he is still young, but we look forward to him in the future. It has juicy acid and tones of minerality."

Tramín is again a variety that historically belongs to Popice, one of Pálava's parents. This year's elegant wine with a finer aroma than we know at Pálava, you will find cloves, cinnamon, white flowers. It is not very fragrant, it is pleasantly relieved by fine acid, "says Sonberk sales director Dáša Fialová.  

It is even more interesting with Pálava, we are presenting two Pálavas this year. In Great Sonberk it is our dry classic, this time in 2016. "This is a long-awaited successor to the year 2015, which was the world's finest dry aromatic wine according to the Decanter World Wine Awards. The new Dry Pálava from 2016 is a lot of spicy, but also grape, fruity, and there are also tones of tropical fruit, " says Dáša.  

What you may have had in your glass, that is our cuvée made from 60 percent Chardonnay and 40 percent Pinot Gris. We made a really great job with him - the 2015 wine matured for 12 months in barrique barrels. Wine has come out of them, which has been selected by the 100 best Czech Wine Salon, which is the information that keeps us warm after the few weeks since we got it. And lovers of fresher and more vivid wines we will please with our new Sauvignon, vintage 2017.



Only by the end of March we offer a spring box of these six wines:

Sauvignon 2017, Silver Sonberk - NEW

Riesling 2016, Silver Sonberk

Pinot Gris & Chardonnay 2016, Silver Sonberk (Cuvée)

Tramín 2016, Grand Cru Sonberk - NEW

Riesling 2015 VOC, Grand Cru Sonberk (VOC = Original Certification Wine)

straw Pálava 2016, Grand Cru

Price for „Six - pack“ 1390, - CZK, normally 1780, - CZK

 Orders until 31.3. 2018 at, 2 boxes and more = free shipping.

Sonberks success in Paris

Exactly a year ago, we have been pressing our exclusive natural sweet Pálava 2016. In the year, it managed to win the Wine Salon (Salon Vín) , win the Wine & Degustation Grand Test of Sweet Wines, enchanting Great Britain, the Netherlands, Japan, and now also France, getting a medal at the Vinalies Internationales (organized by the Union of French Oenologists).


Easter in Sonberk!

We look forward to seeing you on Easter, we´ll be opening the summer season and the Grand Cru Sonberk wines of 2016.

We will bw here for you from Maundy Thursday to Easter Monday, everyday between 10AM to 6 PM.

You can look forward to:

-Introducing of out 2016 Grand Cru Sonberk: Tramin, Riesling, Pálava...

-The first tasting of the fresh Silver Sauvignon 2017

-Tasting of new wines from 20 CZK per sample or try our wine menu with 6 samples for 140,- CZK

-Saturday Workshop Faux Caligraphy - basics of calligraphy, only 8 seats, reservation required, price 890 CZK

-Sunday 15:00 a guided tour with our wine maker & vinwyard manager

-On Saturday and Sunday in the afternoon, your children can get creative with our "au-pair" Zuzka, who works as a teacher in Brno

-Small cold snacks: selection of cheeses, grissini, olives,...

-Chocolate pralines with Dolby Passione´s Sonberg´s wine jelly

-You can warm up with Sonnentor tea, Nespresso, Pálavice

-Seating indoors & outdoors

Calligraphy workshop booking at or call +420 777 630 434

Sonberk cultural summer 2018

Other information will be on our Blog, Facebook, Instagram.

7.7. Jaroslav Dušek

21.7. Jiří Stivín a Michal Viewegh

3.8. Peter Lipa & Band

17.8.  SlavoniceFest - Ondřej a Bára Trojanovi

31.8. Michal Prokop Trio

21.9.  Petr Bende & cimbal

Program is subject to change.

15.3. 2018: Tasting in Moravská banka vín

In the middle of March you´ll have the opportunity to taste some of our best wines and also this year´s news and you can pair it with their own beef tartare. Degustation starts az 6pm, costs 200 CZK, and if you buy three or more bottles to take away, you get a 80 CZK discount.

More info on their website.

6.3. 2018 tasting in Prague

If you´d like to taste our wine before spring starts, you can do it in Prague´s wine bar Cellarius (Budečská street) on March 6th. The tasting starts at 7pm, costs 290 CZK and our sommelier David Pavlíček is going to introduce 10 of our wines. If you´d like to reserve your spot, click here.

28.2. 2018: Sonberk is coming to Hradec Králové

On the last day of February, we will please our fans in Hradec Králové. The tasting will take place in "In vino" wine bar - right in the city center. More info on their website.

21.2. 2018 Wine Tasting in Brno

Ca´nt wait for the weekend? Come to a wine bar U Tří knížat of February 21st and enjoy a week night with us! We´ll start at 6pm and our somelier David Pavlíček will present 11 our wines. The tasting will cost 300 CZK. Reservation required, for more info -> click here.

2.2. Sonberk in Sázava

Actor Jaroslav Dušek, artist Ondřej Smejkal, painter Petr Nikl and our somelier David Pavlíček will all meet in Sázava! To enjoy great cultural experience and to have our Riesling, Tramín, Muškát and a special cuvée, come too!

Final results - Prague Wine Trophy 2017

The 11th year of the Prague Wine Trophy competition took place in 2017 with in total 1597 wines. In this year we managed to win a total of 8 gold medals and 1 silver. See the results below, all wines can be purchased through our eshop. You can see the photos here.

Chardonnay&Pinot Gris 2015, barrique - Prague Gold, 89 points

Sémillon/Sauvignon 2014 - Prague Gold, 89 points

Merlot 2015, barrique - Prague Gold, 89 points

Sauvignon 2016 - Prague Gold, 88 points

Tramin 2015, selection of grapes - Prague Gold, 87 points

Riesling 2015 VOC - Prague Gold, 87 points

Muscat Moravian 2016 - Prague Gold, 86 points

Pálava 2015 VOC - Prague Gold, 86 points

The best dry aromatic wine in the world, according to the Decanter World Wine Awards 2017

Sémillon/Sauvignon 2015 - Prague Silver, 85 points

Sonberk v Salonu vín 2018

And once again you’ll find us in wine salon and it’s for the thirteenth time!

On 26 January, the ceremonial handover of the diplomas awarded for the gold medal of the Salon of Wines 2018 was held in the premises of the Valtice Chateau.

Among the 100 best wines for 2018, our straw Pálava 2016 and the cuvée Chardonnay & Pinot Gris 2015, barrique.

Straw Pálava can be purchased here.

Chardonnay & Pinot Gris 2015 first opportunity to taste it will be during Easter.

Also we recommend to buy the previous year 2013, which was part of the selection of the 100 best wines of the Czech Republic last year, from which we have the last couple of cartons, so do not hesitate and buy it through our eshop.

Januarys tastings

Dear friends,

if you do not have any plans for this month, please accept our invitation for a few wine tastings, the first stop on January 18th in the Knights' Hall at the Chateau in Pardubice.

January 19 Hotel Ryšavý Vémyslice

January 25th Galadegustation Prague - wine tasting from the Prague Wine Trophy competition

January 25 Aldis Congress Center, Hradec Králové

We look forward to seeing you!

PF 2018

Dear friends of Sonberk,

thank you for your confidence in the past year and for the new year 2018, we wish you a lot of health, happiness, love and well-being.

At the same time we look forward to seeing you with a glass of good wine!

Christmas time

Dear friends,

We are at Sonberk for you on the 22nd, 27th-29th December, from 10am till 3pm. The last expedition day before Christmas is Tuesday 19.12. After the New Year we will resume the expedition on the 4th of January. We are available on the phone 777 630 434.

Thank you for your understanding and wish you beautiful pre-Christmas time!

Special pre-Christmas offer!

We have prepared for you a special pre-Christmas offer, in which you will find not one but two packages of wine. You can look forward to the last pieces of our white barrique cuvée, the new Merlot and the fragrant pre-premiere.


We wish you beautiful holidays!


A year in our winery

Thank you very much for Eva Kneblová for the great summary of this unusual autumn. :)

Riesling 2015 and "Člověk v tísni"

Purchase our Riesling, and contribute! Every year Člověk v tísni (People in Need) organizes the Stories of Injustice project, which is intended for Czech students.
This year's project started 2.11. in the Lucerne cinema, by acknowledging  people who stood up to the communist regime.

You can see the photos here.

15% of the price of each Riesling 2015 VOC bottle goes to People in Need.

Thank you for helping!

Riesling vertical package

Unique opportunity to buy set of 6 different rieslings in wooden casette...

You can buy it here.

Young Moravian Muscat is now for sale!

You can buy through our eshop here

31. října končí letní sezóna, do konce listopadu prodlužujeme otevírací dobu!


On Sunday, at the age of 70, Peter Vajda, passed away. Cofounder of many exceptional projects, Sonberk winery among them.

Read here, how his close colleague, Alexej Fulmek (CEO of Petit Press publishing house), describes his personality and his lifelong projects.

31.10. Tasting invitation Sonberk & V8 in Brno

On Tuesday October 31st we cordially invite you to Dům umění in Brno to taste some of the very best wine from Sonberk and the V8 Winemakers Alliance.

From 16:30 you can look forward to meeting the respective V8 winemakers in person, taste all wines from the Grand Cru V8 Collection and over 40 more. There also will be a poll for liquid prizes and a short screening about the members of V8.

Tickets 390,- Kč/person are available online on V8´s eshop.

Degustace V8 Brno 31.10.2017

Workshop Invitation: Wine´s Face

On Thursday September 28th come join us at Sonberk from 14:00 for a wine tasting and creative workshop, where Štěpán and Tereza Axman will show you how to work with clay - to create your own piece of art, the "Wine´s Face". Price/person: 1090,- CZK

FCB event "Tvář vína - zážitkový workshop"

Limited capacity, please book your seat ahead: sonberk(a) 

Pozvánka na workshop

The best aromatic wine in the World is Pálava from SONBERK

 South Moravian Sonberk Winery has recorded another success in international competitions. Pálava and Riesling from the Sonberk Vineyard in Popice, Mikulov, were the winners of this year's international Decanter World Wine Awards in London. In a competition of more than 17,000 wines from around the world, the jury has awarded them both 95 points and the highest possible medals: Platinum Best in Category (formerly the Regional Trophy) and Platinum Best in Show (formerly the International Trophy), the latter arrives to the Czech Republic for the first time. In total there were 6 Sonberk wines awarded at DWWA 2017 - see here.

 Dry Pálava 2015 VOC awarded with platinum medal Best in Show as the best dry aromatic wine for this year ranked among the best 34 wines in the world.

The naturally sweet selection of botrytised grapes Riesling 2014 reigned in the regional category Best Czech Sweet and the platinum medal Best in Category represents the wine´s 11th accolade from international competitions.

 "For Sonberk this year's award is both an honor and assurance that with our flagship varieties - Ryzlink and Pálava - we are going in the right direction. Equally great is the news for our region that proves it can produce world-class premium wines. In addition, Pálava grape variety celebrates 40 years since it was first registered in the State Variety Book, so it is a nice anniversary gift for the Czech vine growers, too, " says Dagmar Fialová, the Sales and Marketing Director of Sonberk Winery.

 The author of both wines is Sonberk´s own winemaker Oldřich Drápal Jr., whose manuscript is clearly recognizable in bottles. To his- now the best in the World - Pálava he adds: "The key to success were the fully matured Pálava grapes and their gentle processing using the gravitational technology. The resulting wine is an oenological mixture of several Pálava harvests, processed so that the spicy character of this variety steps forward even with the low residual sugar in the wine. "

And how does the best aromatic wine in the World actually taste? "The wine starts on a sweetish note but then opens up and as the florals come through its character and body emerge. Therefore it is not a wine just for simple food but also for more complex foods and flavours. I suggest that it be very well chilled like a good riesling and then allow it to warm in the glass to take on a change of temperatures and florals. Had a glass of your 2015 again with some mussels to see how well it worked and... it is a perfect match for spicier food too," says the British Star-Chef Cyrus Todiwala OBE DL, who created a tasting menu dedicated to Sonberk wines for Pálava´s international premiere in London last year.

 The winning varieties cover almost half of the 45-hectare Sonberk vineyard. Their expansion, however, is not yet planned. "As in the past, we want to concentrate first and foremost on the highest quality of grapes in the given year, and on a sustainable way of farming both in the vineyard and the adjacent ecosystems, " concluded Sonberk´s vine grower Roman Slouk.

Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA) was first held in 2004 and currently is the largest and most important international wine competition in the industry. In this year´s DWWA more than 17,200 wines were registered and blind-tasted by a jury of 219 evaluators (65 Masters of Wine and 20 Master Sommeliers). To win one of the top prizes, a wine must first be awarded a gold medal by an expert panel of judges led by a regional chair. To secure a Platinum Best in Show, the wine must ultimately go up against peers from around the world. DWWA awarded 175 wines Platinum Best in Category and 34 Platinum Best in Show.

Sonberk winery has been participating in DWWA regularly since 2008. Two years later it already recorded its first major success with Ryzlink rýnský 2008 being awarded a Regional Trophy for Best Dry White Wine of Central and Eastern Europe, first time in Czech history.

At DWWA 2017 Sonberk has been awarded 6 medals in total - see here.


Sonberk Cultural Summer 2017

We cordially invite you to Sonberk Cultural Summer 2017 to enjoy your favourite artists and music genres along with a nice glas of wine and incredible sunsets over Pálava Hills.

This year´s concert series we start on Sunday 2. July 19:00 with the performance of  Roman Dragoun - a Brno-based singer,  composer and pianist.

Ticket reservations are open for all concerts - please email us at sonberk(a)

Or buy the tickets directly on

2.7. Roman Dragoun - BUY TICKETS HERE
16.7. Dan Bárta & Illustratosphere / Barbora Mochowa - BUY TICKETS HERE
23.7. Slavonice Summer at Sonberk – screening, spoken word,  concert Josefina Žampová - BUY TICKETS HERE
30.7. JuniorBand - BUY TICKETS HERE
6.8. Jazz reading: Arnošt Goldflam / Milan Kašuba a Petr Kořínek - BUY TICKETS HERE
13.8. Michal Pavlíček and trio - BUY TICKETS HERE
20.8. Spirituál kvintet - BUY TICKETS HERE
27.8. Zdenek Merta & Zora Jandová - BUY TICKETS HERE
15.9. Hradišťan

Program is subject to change. All concerts start 19:00.
We´ll be happy to answer your additional questions on phone: 777 630 434.

Longer opening hours

During the weekends and on Bank Holidays we prolonged the opening hours till 6 PM. Come to meet us, to enjoy a glass (or two :) ) of Sonberk wine, to feel the atmosphere, to see the wonderful view at Palava Hill, in the middle of vineyard, on the terasse of architectonically unique winery.  

We are open every day - week days 10 AM to 5 PM.

Cheers and have nice spring days!



Gold for Rieslings

At Riesling du Monde - the biggest international competition for Rieslings we got two Gold Medals, we are truly excited that they are included among best rieslings worldwide.
Riesling 2014 - sweet - available on our eshop.
Riesling 2013 - noble rot, semidry, sold out
Complete results to be find here.


Start of summer season

For more informations please contact us on sonberk(a)

Sonberk in Le Figaro Vin

An article about Sonberk winery is for reading here

The life of a Czech winemaker in Moravia

An article of American blogger Juliana Dever is for reading here.


The end of Vlaďka Mrázová´s mission.

Thank you Vlaďka very much and we all wish you all the best. On the position of Director Sales and Marketing we welcome Dagmar Fialová who you could meet in years 2014-2015 at Sonberk in a function a Project manager.

"Sonberk in London" report

Looked the report from pairing of Sonberk´s wines with exotic food in Cyrus Todiwala´s restaurant Cafe Spice Namasté here



Opening of Wine Saloon 2017 and presentation of diplomas

Our winemaker was awarded for wine cuvée Chardonnay&Pinot Gris 2013, barrique.

Rok ve vinařství.cz

We are happy to announce, that together with bloger (foodie and marketing research specialist) Eva Kneblová we are starting an exciting new blog project "A YEAR IN THE WINERY" as of January 2017. 

Thanks to Eva´s enthusiasm and regular visits to Sonberk you will have access to the latest news from the grape´s  "life behind the scenes". The blog is written in Czech and we advertise every new article on our social media networks. January blog:




Rok ve vinařství

Prague Wine Trophy 2016: Results & Invitation

The largest international wine competition Prague Wine Trophy knows all the winners and awards. Sonberk received 15 Gold medals and one Silver out of 16 entered wines. Galatasting of medal wines will be in Prague´s Jalta Boutique Hotel on 2nd February 2017.

Rulandské šedé 2007, VzC - Prague Regional Champion, 92 points
Riesling 2013 (botrytised) - Prague Premium Gold, 91 points
Tramín 2003, straw wine - Prague Premium Gold, 91 points
Pálava 2013, straw wine - Prague Premium Gold, 90 points
Ryzlink rýnský 2012 - Prague Gold, 89 points
Riesling 2014, Vzc - Prague Gold, 89 points
Pálava 2013 (botrytised) - Prague Gold, 89 points
Chardonnay & Rulandské šedé 2013 - Prague Gold, 89 points
Semillon 2013 (Stříbrný Sonberk) - Prague Gold, 88 points
Riesling 2014 VOC - Prague Gold, 88 points
Sauvignon 2012 - Prague Gold, 88 points
Merlot 2012 - Prague Regional Champion, 88 points
Pálava 2012 - Prague Gold, 87 points
Riesling 2013 VOC - Prague Gold, 87 points
Riesling 2015 VOC - Prague Gold, 86 points
Ryzlink rýnský 2013 (Stříbrný Sonberk) - Prague Silver, 85 points


Cuvée Chardonnay&Rulandské šedé 2013 in National Wine Saloon

Award Wine Saloon 2017 and gold medal won our cuvée Chardonnay&Pinot Gris 2013. Silver medal won Riesling 2015 VOC.


Sonberk in Korean language

Sonberk in a most famous winery magazine of South Korea - Wine Review.


Sonberk on Wine Professional in Netherlands

The Wine Professional is wine fair organized for every year in Amsterdam, for professional public. The number of professional visitors from Benelux is around 15 000 for every year. 

Sonberk´s wines you can find in two famous Netherland´s restaurants and in a guidebook „Trotter Tsjechiee“.


PF 2017

Dear lovers of Sonberk,

thank you very much for your favor in year 2016. We wish you merry Christmas and all the best in a new year 2017.


Christmas time and expediciton of wines

Last day of expedition is 21 December 2016.

Opening hours during Christmas:

27.- 30.12.2016: 10.00-15.00

2.1.2017: stock-taking, close

Cyrus Todiwala´s recipes paired with Sonberk wines

As promised - we bring you this exciting recipe for pairing of Indian cuisine and Sonberk white wines. Recipe by Cyrus Todiwala OBE DL DBA. More to be found in his book Mr. Todiwala´s Spice Box.


Pigeon in Red masala

Often not regarded as, a good meat or a meat to cook, more because it might look complicated to cook or perhaps the fear of making a mess. But pigeon breast is a great meat and if well treated and handled it makes a great starter when served with a good salad to sometimes cut the gamey flavour.

We do pigeon breast very often on the menu and it has always been popular. So here’s a simple recipe for you to try and see how you get along.


WOOD PIGEON OR PIGEON BREAST 8 Breasts (clean them well)
SALT 1 level teaspoon

Mix the above into the pigeon breasts and keep in a cool place whilst you prepare the masala.



FRESH GINGER 3”Piece washed & cut into pieces
CUMIN SEEDS ½ Teaspoon
SEEDLESS TAMARIND 1” ball (if you roll the sticky tamarind it will stick to form a ball, ideally a one inch ball, if not available add a couple of tablespoons of light tamarind pulp. You do get very dark pulp too if using that use a teaspoon and check as it is far too strong. If using whole seeded tamarind soak the ball in 100ml of boiling water and keep covered to soften)
OIL 2-3 Tablespoons

Cut the red chillies into small [pieces and discard the seeds or keep them to grow in the summer.
In a small frying pan toast the whole dry cumin, coriander, red chilli, cloves and pepper corns until aromatic and toasted. In a grinder or a mortar and pestle if you don't have one puree all the ingredients to a smooth paste. If using a mortar it best to first powder the toasted ingredients to get a better texture and then ass the wet ingredients. The paste has to be smooth and to do this you may need to pass through the strainer and then puree again until everything goes through except the tamarind fibres, which will not go through.

Rub the masala into the pigeon breasts and check the seasoning. You may or may not need more salt. Put in an airtight container, seal and refrigerate for at least eight hours though if you marinade the day before its even better.

When ready to serve barbecue or grill as you would any meat except that do remember that pigeon dries out too quickly and its best eaten medium rare, so check feel and cook.

Serve with good Oriental style Coleslaw or a Good Yogurt based salad.

Sonberk in KOISHI fish and sushi restaurant

Pairing Sonberk´s wine with delicate gastronomy of KOISHI on 2nd December from 6 pm.

ČT art 30th Nov - document "Klobouk dolů" with Josefem Pleskotem

Document about Sonberk´s architect Josef Pleskot on tv station ČT Art, on 30th Nov.

Competition "I love Sonberk´s Muscat"

Thank you that you are buying our Muscat 2016 but we would like to know your feelings and reactions. Send us your photos where you are tasting our Muscat and you can be winner of two bottles of Sonberk´s wines.


Sonberk as gift

As early as November we bring you this year´s Sonberk Christmas special - limited editions, special archives, Merlot Magnum-bottled and much more. Click to enlarge the picture. Orders: sonberk(a) or call 777 630 434.

Vánoční nabídka Sonberk 2016

Moravian Muscat 2016!

First new wine from vintage 2016 is now for sale! You can buy through our eshop or you can contact us on sonberk(a)

Success in competition Prague Wine Trophy 2016

Tramín 2003, straw wine - Prague Premium Gold (91 points)

Pálava 2013, straw wine - Prague Premium Gold (90 points)

Riesling 2014, botrytic - Prague Gold (89 points)

Pálava 2013, botrytic - Prague Gold (89 points)

Merlot 2012 - Prague Regional Champion (88 points)

Pinot Gris 2007, naturally swee wine - Prague Regional Champion (92 points)

Sauvignon 2012 - Prague Gold (88 points)


End of October - End of season

With ending of October we change openin hours. From 1st November we can meet in our winery from Monday to Friday, from 10 am do 3 pm.

If you could visit our winery out of hours, please contact us on sonberk(a) Or you can buy our wines through our eshop.

XI. Wine harvest on Sonberk

For the eleventh time our friends and business partners arrived on Sonberk and we opened and tasting new young wines of year 2015. The wines 2015 of Grand Cru Sonberk will be for sale in March in a next year. 

The program of "Sonberk¨s wine harvest" was traditional - guests went to vineyards for picking of grapes, next the grapes was pressing and the guests could taste fresh grapes must. Next program was tasting of new wines with coments of our sales director Vlaďka Mrázová and winemaker Oldřich Drápal. After tasting the guests gave a souvenirs - certificate and bottle of wine.

Straw wine Pálava


Since last week we dry the grapes of variety Pálava on the wooden mats. The grapes must be dried for three months and it causes the grapes will be smaller but the amount of sugar in the grapes will be bigger. After the demanding wine making process we will have aromatic dessert wine with amount of residual sugar about 180 g/l, and more.

Sonberk Palava in London

Cyrus Todiwala, Great Britain´s renowned Chef, will pair his signature dishes with Sonberk Palava at his restaurant Café Spice Namasté on Thursday September 29th.

Which Palava from Sonberk will be the queen of the evening? The journalists from BBC, Decanter, Ellis vendors and their guests will decide. Cheers and wish us good luck!

Vinobraní začalo!

Concert: David Koller - SOLD OUT, thank you!

For more informations about this event please contact us on sonberk(a)

Concert Zdenek Merta, František Segrado & Josef Štěpánek

For more information about this event in English please contact sonberk(a) or call 777 630 434.

Concert: Milan Kašuba a Dennis Parks

For more informations in English please contact us on sonberk(a)

Concert Peter Lipa Band

For more informations in English please contact us at sonberk(a)

Concert uBer! 5.8.2016

For more information in English please contact us at sonberk(a)

Concert Neřež: 22. July

Already this Friday 22 July we cordially invite you to join us at Sonberk for the concert of the Czech band Neřež. Start 19:00.


Sonberk wine & culture summer

We have prepared a series of music performances for this summer´s Friday and Saturday evenings, always from 18:30 hrs at the winery terace by sunset. More info and tickets: vladimira.mrazova(a) 


2.7. Michal Prokop, Luboš Andršt, Jan Hrubý
9.7. Michal Viewegh reads his books and invites more guests and music
16.7. Yellow sisters & female element full of famous names
22.7. Neřež + guest
5.8.  uBer!, Radim Fiala  – theater performance with „Cyrano“ Petr Halberstatt, Petr Hloušek scenography
13.8. Peter Lipa Band and precious guests from Slovakia
19.8. Milan Kašuba & Denis Parker and something more
26.8. Zdenek Merta & Jaroslav Svěcený

16.9. 24.9. David Koller and guests 

The programme is subject to change.

Concert Yellow Sisters: 16.7.

Koncert IAN a čtení Michala Viewegha

Concert Michal Prokop 2. July at Sonberk

The concert starts at 19:00, reservation of tickets: vladimira.mrazova(a)
More info on Facebook. 

New medals for Sonberk wines!

We are delighted to bring you this overview of medals our wines have won in the previous month:

The biggest success is 5 awarded wines at  Decanter World Wine Awards in London. These Sonberk Grand Cru wines have been awarded:

Chardonnay & Rulandské šedé 2013 - Commended
Pálava 2013 sladká - Commended
Pálava 2012 - Bronz (88 bodů)
Riesling 2013 VOC - Bronz (86 bodů)
Riesling 2014 vzc - Stříbro (92 bodů)


Our dry, outstandigly aromatic Pálava 2012 did well also at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, where it got awarded a SILVER MEDAL.


Oenoforum 2016, the only OIV-certified wine competition in the Czech Republic awarded A GOLDEN MEDAL to three of our Rieslings:

semi-dry botrytical Riesling 2013
dry Riesling 2013 VOC  - also winner of the category A2
sweet Riesling 2014 selection of noble berries 


Prague Wine Trophy, the biggest international wine competition in the Czech Republic awarded a GOLDEN MEDAL to these two wines:

Pálava 2012, Velký Sonberk
Sémillon 2013, Stříbrný Sonberk 


The FESTWINE wine competition was successful for our Rieslings:

Riesling 2014 VOC - BRONZE
Riesling 2014 výběr z cibéb - GOLD 

Sonberk wins first place in the category medium-sized wineries, Winery of the Year competition

Thank you for supporting us with your votes in the Winery of the Year competition! Without your support the first place in the category Medium sized wineries would had stayed unreachable for us. Cheers!

More about the evening gala (2 June 2016) in Brno, Městské divadlo - on the FB page of the Winery of the Year competition.

Thank you for voting for us in Winery of the year, come collecting your reward & invitation to Festival vína pod Petrovem

Thanks for supporting us! The winner will be announced on June 2nd at the evening gala in Městské divadlo Brno. After that, 3.-5. June we cordially invite you to the wine festival Víno pod Petrovem in Brno, where you can sample the best wines from this year´s finalists and winners.

Thanks again for your support and here are the perks to choose from:

a) Reward yourself with good wine from our eshop, enter the code "VR2016" and we will ship it all the way to your doorstep  within the Czech Republic free of charge! The minimum purchase is 500 CZK, the code is valid until 30 June 2016.

b) Reward yourself with a bigger amount of wine, i.e. when shopping directly at Sonberk and we will give you 8% discout.

c) Enjoy our almost sold-out MERLOT 2012, a sample tasting for 2 persons is waiting for you at Sonberk.

Sonberk - connecting people

2x 5 votes = bottle of Sonberk Sauvignon Blanc

Send at least 5 votes until 27 May and enjoy a bottle of Sonberk Sauvignon Blanc with someone who also voted for Sonberk in the Winery of the Year finals, at least 5 times. 

It is simple: email us your voting confirmation at sonberk(a) (such as a screenshot, selfie or an official written statement, that you voted at least 5 times for Sonberk) and a shared bottle of Sauvignon Blanc is yours! Then we only agree upon the pick up of the bottle, the easiest way is to come and see us (and the other winning consumer) directly at the winery :-)


PRO HLASOVÁNÍ ONLINE navštivte prosíme stránku

anebo hlasujte zasláním SMS zprávy ve tvaru "VINARSTVI 4" na číslo 900 30 06. Cena SMS je 6 Kč. 


Sonberk nominated for finals of Winery of the Year, please vote for us!

Dear friends and fans, for the third year in a row we have been nominated for the finals of the national competition WINERY OF THE YEAR 2015, category Middle-sized wineries. Our aim is not only to win our category (as we did in 2014), but also to reach for the accolade of the absolute champion and get the title Winery of the year 2015. Please, help us on our way to the title!


 1. Online voting on 

2. Sending SMS  "VINARSTVI 4" to 900 30 06 (Price of one text message is 6 Kč). 

The voting proceeds until 27 May 2016 and every registrated user can hand in up to one vote in 24 hours.

The winner will be announced on 2 June 2016 in Brno during an evening gala. Thank you for voting for us and sharing this message with everybody who likes Sonberk as much as we do :-)

Tasting invitationi: 23. April, Lány

Dear friends,

we cordially invite you to the wine festival NeVinné Lány taking place in Lány by Prague on Saturday 23 April 2016 from 11:00 to 19:00. More information can be looked up under

Otevření sezony a odhalení desky Universe Farms marker - fotogalerie

Otevření letní turistické sezony 31.3.2016

Gewurztraminer du Monde: Gold for Sonberk Traminer!

We are delighted to inform you, that two of our Traminer straw wines have been awarded a golden medal at the international wine competition Gewurztraminer du Monde 2015. Both awarded Traminers are from the production of our winemaker, Mr. Oldřich Drápal Jr., the first producer of straw wine in the Czech Republic. Naturally sweet straw wines from Sonberk have a long award-history and regularly score top-accolades at international competitions such as Decanter World Wine Awards London,Vinalies Internationales Paris, International Wine Challenge San Francisco or Concours Mondial de Bruxelles. 

Even though the awarded straw Traminer vintage 2008 is to be found in private archives by now, we still have the last bottles of the other awarded one - you can find the straw Traminer 2001 in our archive - here in our eshop.

Logo soutěže Gewurztraminer du Monde

Sonberk in National Wine Saloon 2016

We are very pleased to inform you, that Sonberk has a representative in this year´s National Wine Saloon collection.

Our naturally sweet Pálava 2013 STRAW WINE made it into the selection of one hundred best Czech wines for 2016, working its way up from the first round with 703 competing samples. On top of that, the STRAW Pálava was appointed the winner of category C - and is herewith the best naturally sweet wine in the entire selection

Roman Slouk přebírá ocenění za slámovou Pálavu 2013

It is the first straw wine produced from the local Czech grape variety Pálava, earlier all our straw wine was produced from Traminer. The grapes for this unique wine were manually collected on 28 October 2013, dried at Sonberk for four months and pressed on 28 February 2014. The residual sugar in this wine is 159,1 g/l, total acids 8,8 g/l.

The official start of sales will commence in 03/2016, until this point you can order Pálava 2%13 STRAW WINE via our email sonberk(a) 

Galadegustation Prague Wine Trophy: 22. January

We look forward to medals! Come tasting (not only) our awarded wines on Friday 22 January 2016 to the 9th Gala tasting of Prague Wine Trophy, Czech Republic´s biggest international wine competition with over 1200 wines competing in 2015!

The tasting of the awarded wines will be supported by personal presence of winemakers and winery representatives from all around the world taking place in Prague´s Jalta Boutique Hotel on Václavské náměstí between 16:00 - 20:00.

More information and tickets HERE (info in CZ)

Logo Prague Wine Week

Invitation to Lucerna Gallery: 13. January 2016

Only until Saturday 16. January runs the premiere exhibition Sonberk by all Senses  in the newly opened premises of Lucerna Gallery in Prague. The exhibition includes photographs of the realized winery building designed by architect Josef Pleskot and presents as well other original competitive proposals from architects Miro Herman, Vlado Milunič and Svatopluk Sládeček.

Wednesday, 13 January at 18:00 Josef Pleskot will hold a lecture on the topic Introduction to the revitalization of the national cultural monument the Lower Vitkovice in Ostrava, during which he will talk mainly about the plans , implementation and development of the project .

Christmas opening hours and eshop deliveries

Dear friends, Sonberk winery will be open 23., 28.-30.12. 10:00-15:00. Last eshop orders before Christmas: Sunday 20.12. - will be shipped on 21.12., delivered on 22.12. Phone on duty: 777 630 434

Brno festival Víno z blízka

During the festival Víno z blízka you can come to taste Sonberk wines to La Bouchée restaurant at Údolní street on Saturday and to Atrium of FSS (Faculty of social studies) on Sunday.


We will present young Moravian Muscat, burgundy style cuvée Chardonnay & Pinot gris 2013 and of course our flagships - 3 styles of Riesling and 3 styles of Pálava!


More information and tickets find here!


Young Moravian Muscat is here!

Dear Sonberk Fans!


The beginning of November is traditionally joined with young wines,  Sonberk offers Young Muscat every year, since 2004, you can find it at our distributors, on our eshop or come to see us to Sonberk!

Cheers! :-)


Mladý Muškát


Winewords - the book

Three years needed Mike Mazey, an Australian winemaker living in Brno, to prepare the book Winewords. On Monday November 2nd this interactive book with the subtitle English for Wine Professionals & Wine Lovers will be officialy released.

Mazey and his co-workers took extra care to present the creme-de-la-creme from today´s winemaking world shooting pictures and video interviews with people from Chateau Cheval Blanc, Chateau d´Yquem or Clos de Tart - and last, but not least: Sonberk. We congratulate to the authors and wish  you a pleasant learning about (above?) good wine!

More information and book orders here:

Come to DUEL

Sonberk team is truely looking forward to an interesting event in Brno, Savoy Restaurant. We will present 8 samples from our offer and these will be right beside 8 samples from Zámecké vinařství Žernoseky. There will be also fingerfood paired with some of the samples.

For more information and the tickets click here.


Duel vinařů

Invitation to the Lucerna Gallery: Wine, architecture, visual arts

We cordially invite you to the exhibition "Sonberk by all senses - Wine, Architecture, Visual Arts", which you will find in the newly opened Lucerna Gallery in Prague until January 16th 2016. This exhibition not only presents the concept and photographs of the Sonberk winery, but also the originally sugested concepts by Josef Pleskot, Miro Herman, Vlado Milunič and Svatopluk Sládeček, along with contemporary Slovak visual artists and a neat glas of wine.

The premises of the gallery, which aims to present contemporary visual arts in all its forms, were designed by the Czech architect Marek Rainiš. The curators of the current exhibition are Fedor Malík (wine), Rostislav Švácha (architecture) and Zuzana Bartošová (visual arts). More information is to be found under and the picture galery from the opening ceremony you will find on our facebook.


This years´ final V8 tasting

Dear friends of the V8 Winemakers Alliance,

we are looking forward to meeting you at this year´s last wine tasting, which will take place in Brno on October 27th.

The venue for the tasting is hotel Barceló Brno Palace, tasting time from 16:00 to 20:00.

Again you will have the possibility to freely taste wine from all six Alliance members  - Kolby, Krásná Hora, Nové Vinařství, Sonberk, Vinařství Volařík a Víno Marcinčák. There will be 60 wines presented directly by the respective winemakers, owners or sommeliérs.

You can prebook your tickets for a discounted price 290,- CZK at the email info(a)  The price on spot is 350,- CZK. The tickets include a free wine tasting, small refreshment and a wine glass. On top of that every participant is entitled to a special discount on their wine order. You can also look forward to a poll with nice, drinkable prizes. 

 Pozvánka na degustaci Aliance vinařů V8 v Brně 27.10.2015

MUNDUS VINI: medals for Sonberk Rieslings

On the 17th Mundus Vini international wine competition held in Germany at the beginning of September two Sonberk 2013 Rieslings were awarded precious medals.

Both Dry Riesling 2013 VOC (VOC - abbrev. wine with certified origin) and semisweet Riesling 2013 from noble berries won a silver medal in the competition among 4300 wines from all around the world. Both wines are now available in our eshop. On top of that, when buying Riesling 2013 from noble berries , you are automatically helping and donating to "Člověk v tísni".

Stříbrná medaile Mundus vini 2015 pro Sonberk a Riesling 2013

An overview of Sonberk´s medals from Mundus vini and a complete list of results you can view HERE.

V8 Alliance tasting invitation

Dear friends of the V8 Winemakers Alliance

we are looking forward to meeting you at this year´s last two tastings, which will be held in Ostrava and Brno in October.

In Ostrava we cordially invite you to the Clarion Congress Hotel on Thursday October 1st.

The tasting in Brno will be held in hotel Barceló Palace on Tuesday October 27th.

Again you will have the possibility to freely taste wine from all six Alliance members  - Kolby, Krásná Hora, Nové Vinařství, Sonberk, Vinařství Volařík a Víno Marcinčák. There will be 60 wines presented directly by the respective winemakers, owners or sommeliérs.

Both tasting will be held from 16:00 to 20:00 o´clock.

You can prebook your tickets for a discounted price 290,- CZK at the email info(a)  The price on spot is 350,- CZK. The tickets include a free wine tasting, refreshment and a wine glass. On top of that every participant is entitled to a special discount on their wine order. You can also look forward to a poll with nice, drinkable prizes. 

Pozvánka na degustaci Aliance vinařů V8 v Ostravě 1.10.2015 Pozvánka na degustaci Aliance vinařů V8 v Brně 27.10.2015

The harvest of 2015 just started

After a very dry summer the situation improved and now a very nice harvest is starting. 

Muškát moravský 2015 Třapiny muškátu po odzrnění

At Sonberk we started the harvest with the variety Moravian Muscat on Monday September 7th, which we will introduce at the beginning of november as our traditional Young Muscat, the first wine of the respective vintage. In the same week we were picking grapes of the varieties Pinot Gris and Chardonnay. Later on Sauvignon and Palava will follow. We will close the harvest in late October/early November with the late ripening varieties Riesling and Merlot.

We hope to see the nice indian summer continue and look forward to meeting you at the autumny Sonberk!

Gold for Sonberk from Slovenia!

We are thrilled about the new medals for our wine! On Tuesday August 25th the results of the 41. Vino Slovenija were announced.

Both Riesling 2013 VOC and Palava 2012 scored over 85 points and were awarded a golden medal. These wines are part of our current offer and you can find them in our eshop in the section Grand Cru Sonberk.

Complete results of the wine competition can be seen HERE.

How will be the vintage 2015?

Even when we evaluate the vintage first when the wine is in the cellar (or some colleagues do so when the wine is out of the cellar), on Mikuláš Duda´s blog you can read the answers from our vine grower Roman Slouk, how the vintage 2015 looks like from the vine growing perspective:

"Sucho, vedro a špačkové." (Dry, hot and starlings; CZ only)

 Given the fact, there was some rain since the article got published, here we have an exclusive update from Roman, including the pictures of his new weapon against the starlings.

"Since writing the comment, the situation in Moravian vineyards could be described as Wet, hot and starlings. The optimist has won, again, it rained beautifully around 100 mm water, yet, the optimist would had wished half. The vine got into optimum condition for its autumn development. Some grapes might not have born the big amounts of water and bursted, becoming a refuge for mould and a potencial source of infection of the entire grape. But this would happen by rainy weather, which being an optimist, I do not expect. Long live the indian summer! On the attached pictures you can see our new eagle, which will help us scaring off  the starlings."

Orel plaší špačky na Sonberku

Orel plaší špačky na Sonberku - detail

August tasting in Brno in pictures

Dear friends of the V8 Winemakers Alliance, thank you for joining the recent tasting in the Open Garden in Brno! This tasting was held as part of the wine festival Víno z blízka and got visited by around 200 guests. The winemakers opened 171 bottles and the catering from the restaurant La Bouchée served over 200 portions of burgers, grilled sausages and vegetables.

The next V8 tasting will take place in Olomouc on September 10th and in Hradec Králové on September 17th. More information and tickets under We look forward to meeting you this autumn!

Pohled na degustační stánek Sonberku z ptačí perspektívy Terasy v Otevřené zahradě Pohled do Otevřené zahrady Nadace partnerství Otevřená zahrada Nadace partnerství a vinařství Krásná hora Na degustačním stánku Sonberku U Sonberku  O catering se postarala restaurace La Bouchée

V8 Winemakers Alliance tasting in Open Garden, Brno

Within the festival Víno z blízka in the charming enviroment of Open Garden (Údolní 33, Brno) you can taste 8 samples from Sonberk and many others from our V8 colleagues. We are starting on 13th of August at 5.30 pm.

The catering will be prepared by La Bouchée restaurant and there will be also live music - B.O. S. band!

 You can buy the tickets here.

 We are looking forward to meet you there! :-)

Thank you for joining the V8 tasting in Mandarin Oriental

On Thursday July 29th around 200 guests gathered in Prague´s Mandarin Oriental to enjoy the produce of the V8 winemakers.

Thank you for attending and the great atmosphere at the tasting and we look forward to meeting you over a glas of good wine very soon - on Thursday August 13th, in Brno. More info about the wine festival "Víno z blízka" here.


V8 Alliance tasting in Prague: 29. July - SOLD OUT!

Dear friends, we cordially invite you to yet another V8 Alliance tasting - after a year we´re back in Prague again!

This year you can look forward to meeting us at the gorgeus Mandarin Oriental hotel in Malá Strana on Wednesday July 29th from 16:00 to 20:00. There will be 60 wines for the tasting, exclusively from the V8 Alliance members Kolby, Krásná Hora, Nové Vinařství, Sonberk, Vinařství Volařík a Víno Marcinčák. 

Pozvánka na degustaci V8 v Praze, Mandarin Oriental 29.7.2015

Tickets are 390,- Kč / person when prebooked via 

The price on spot is 450,- Kč. The fee includes free wine tasting, small refreshment, wine glass and gives you the opportunity to purchase the tasted wine for a discounted price. On top of that you can win some more wine, including the "The Best 8 from the V8 2015 Collection" wich features the best 8 wines as chosen by the V8 winemakers in a blind test. 


We look forward to meeting you at Mandarin Oriental!

July 22nd: Sonberk at Chateau Zinkovy

On July 22nd Sonberk is partnering with Chateau Zinkovy in order to present a concert of Jaroslav Sveceny (violin) and Lubomir Brabec (guitar) in the Chateau´s Chaple.

More info on the website of Chateau Zinkovy

Open Vineyards Day - July 5th at Sonberk!

Herewith we cordially invite you to the tasting afternoon at winery Sonberk on Sunday July 5th. You can look forward to vineyard and cellar commented tours and a free tasting of wine from all V8 Alliance members - Sonberk, Kolby, Marcinčák, Nové Vinařství, Volařík and Krásná hora.

Beside of the tours and tastings you can look forward to a matching catering and even a program for children. As the amount of visitors is limited, the tickets should be booked ahead via the email




14:00 Start of the free wine tasting (continuously until 19:00)

15:00 and 17:00 Commented tour of Sonberk´s vineyard with Roman Slouk 

16:00 and 18:00 Commented tour of Sonberk´s cellar

16:45 and 17:45 Raffle poll (tombola)

19:00 End of the tasting


Program for children:

How to become a real painter - panting for children supervised by the academic painter Sylva Chludilová 


For your convenience we will organise a free shuttle from the train stops in Popice and Šakvice to Sonberk. Book your seat in the taxi HERE.


Catering will by served by Mr. Martin Máca from Mitrovski Catering and there will be also a wine-and-food pairing corner of the company Chuť Moravy (Taste of Moravia). 


Pre-booked ticket costs 590,- Kč/person  and includes: entrance fee and free tasting of 60 wines, original Luigi Bormioli glas, voucher 100 Kč for wine shopping, refreshment and a catalogue of wines. The price on spot is 700 Kč/person.

Oenoforum 2015 and precious medals for Sonberk

In mid-June Prague´s Velehrad hosted the 9th Oenoforum with almost 350 wines from 11 countries.


These Sonberk´s wines from the very well received vintage 2012 were awarded a Golden medal: Pálava 2012, which also won in its respective category (in our eshop to be found HERE), and Merlot 2012 (will commence official sales as of 03/2016).

A silver medal went to cuvée Chardonnay-Pinot Gris 2012, which also triumphed in its respective category (sold out).

More information about the wine competition, its fotogallery and the complete list of results you can find on the website of Oenoforum 2015.

Sonberk Riesling 2013 in Michelin-starred selection

Head sommelier of the Michelin starred restaurant La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise Roman Novotný introduces Sonberk Riesling 2013, one of the best Moravian wines chosen by him for the new wine set,  which you can review and order here

"Sonberk´s team has created yet another entirely phenomenal Riesling, which reminds me on the vintages 2010 and 2007, more over the 2007 for me personally, since this one was from noble berries and with a higher residual sugar, too. The respective vintage 2013 has a clear, rich golden-yellow colour with high viscosity.

The nose is clear, with intense tones of ripe citrus fruits and pickled kumquats. The taste is juicy, opulent with a pleasant sweetness of clear grape juice and linden flowers. The wine is very long in its aftertaste with gentle petroleum tones, that will get more intense in the future. A Grand Cru Riesling!"

By purchasing Rieslingu 2013 you contribute on the projects of the humanitarian organisation "Člověk v tísni", thank you! In our eshop you can find the Riesling 2013  HERE. 

Sonberk and V8 tasting in Plzeň: June 18th

Dear friends of good wine,

herewith we would like to cordially invite you to meet us at the next stop of the V8 Alliance tasting tour, which will be held in hotel Angelo in Plzeň on Thursday June 18th from 16:00 to 20:00.

The V8 Alliance´s winemakers - Kolby, Krásná hora, Nové Vinařství, Sonberk, Vinařství Volařík and Víno Marcinčák - have chosen 60 wines to please your tastebuds.

The entry fee is 290,- CZK when pre-booked via, or 350,- CZK on spot. The price of the ticket includes free wine tasting, small refreshment, an original Luigi Bormioli wine glas and a 10% discount on your order placed during the tasting.

We look forward to meeting you in Plzeň!

Grand Gold Medal for Sonberk Riesling 2013

Sonberk reached top levels at this years, already 11-th annual Festwine wine fest and competition, held in Brno and organized by Vinná galerie, a wine bar loved by both leisure and pro winos.

The best rating received Sonberk´s Riesling 2013, noble berries selection, being rated fantastic 91 points and earning the Grand Gold Medal. You can order this Riesling in our eshop HERE. 

Further medal winning wines are Traminer 2004 (naturally sweet straw wine, available HERE), Riesling 2013 VOC and Pálava 2013, available in the section Silver Sonberk



A complete list of results you can look up here (Czech only)

Sonberk at the Špilberk food festival 2015

From Friday June 5th to Sunday June 7th we look forward to seeing you at Brno´s largest food festival taking place at the Špilberk castle. 



As in the last three years you will find Sonberk at the stand of the restaurant Koishi and their lovely wine bar Petit Cru.

Beside of the steady wine presence at Koishi´s oyster bar, you can try Sonberk on of the three commented tastings held in the Babinský bistro. On both Friday and Saturday from 16:00, and Sunday from 17:00, Vlaďka Mrázová will guide you trough the best of Sonberk´s Rieslings and Palavas, offering a very rare archive straw Traminer at the end.

This year´s novelty is a food and wine pairing by Koishi´s Chef Petr Fučík held directly in the castle´s King´s Chapel, where Sonberk contributed the very best of its vintage 2012. The entire menu including the matching wines can be found HERE (Czech).


More info under


Wine Prague with V8!

On Wednesday our winemaker Olda Drápal will present not only our rieslings!

Výsledek obrázku pro wine prague

Find more information here.

2x gold and 1x Silver from Grand Concours du Monde 2015

Les Grands Concours du Monde is one of the most important competitions in the world. We are proud to announce 2 Gold medals for straw wine Tramin 2001 (still available) and Tramin 2008. Silver goes for a new wine on the market Riesling 2013, noble rot. We are truely excited about such results! :-)


Tramín 2001

Alternative Saloon 2015

It is an honour for us to announce that our Riesling 2011 is listed in specific survey called "Saloon 2015" - the best wines according to discerning fans of wine and readers of Pod korkem blog.

 RR 2011

We are very pleased!

The whole list can be found on

Sonberk wine tasting in Brno

Dear Sonberk fans!


We have prepared wine tasting in the nice wine shop called Moravská vinotéka, in Brno, Královo pole, Mojmírovo náměstí.

The first term on Wednesday is already sold out, but don´t worry, there is another one on Monday the 10th od November at 7 pm.


We are coming with the news of the year 2013, some of them are even not yet on the market!


For reservations contact


We are looking forward to meet you there! Cheers :-)


Moravská vinotéka

Sonberk on the road!

Dear Sonberk fans!

This week you can meet us at many spots!

Thursday 14th of May we are going to Liberec, with the winemakers Alliance V8, we will present our wines in Porta Café, we are starting at 4 pm!


 The same day, our winemaker Olda Drápal will manage wine tasting in Brno - Borgo shop, from 6 pm, come to listen to his speech about Sonberk :-)

Olda Drápal

Throughout this whole week runs not-managed vertical tasting of our Rieslings in Brno in the wine bar U Tří knížat - there is an unique possibility to taste not only the current range of the vinatges 2011-2013, but also private stocks of the vintages 2008 and 2010!

We are looking forward to meet you and Cheers!

New vintage - new names

These are our new pesronalité :-)






Easter at Sonberk winery

When the almond trees are in blossom it means the summer season is here!

Come to taste also the news from the year 2013! Every day 10 am to 5 pm.


Velikonoce na Sonberku

We were part of Prowein

Prowein - 5 000 exhibitors, 50 000 professional visitors...


Sonberk offered 2 wines - Riesling and dry Pálava


Vlaďka Mrázová and her colleagues from V8  Winemakers Alliance:-)


Vlaďka a kolegové


Winemaker Olda Drápal jr. and Dáša Fialová taking care of the stand :-)


Sklepmistr Olda Drápal a Dáša Fialová


Czech exposition - Wine of Czech Republic


Expozice ČR


All together - dining! :-)


Večeře :-)


We are in the finals of Winery of the year

Mediatel Vindemia Publica or the price the public is one of the categories in the prestigious wine competition Winery of the Year. The public can vote for one of nine finalists from 30 January until 20 March. The resulting number of votes for each winery has traditionally determines not only the title holder Price Mediatel public Vindemia Publica 2014, but it may become the decisive criterion for the selection of the absolute winner. Thus will be published one of three award-winning wineries in the category of small, medium or large winery at a gala evening on March 26 at the Trade Fair Palace in Prague.


You can vote herer:


We are going on ProWein!

Moravian winemakers are again joining the well known exhibition ProWein, this time together with V8 Winemakers Allinace, Sonberk cannot miss this, on the stand 15J41! Come to meet us! :-)


Sonberk on the road! This time in Prague :-)

Dear Sonberk Fans!


Come to taste Sonberk and listen to Vladka Mrázova talking about our wines. On Thursday at 7 pm to Naturvini wine shop, Prague. For more information see their websites.


And on Monday in Vínograf Míšeňská, at 6 pm! In this nice wine bar you can order Sonberk wines by glass for the whole next week!


Vlaďka Mrázová


We are looking forward to meet you there! Cheers!

Our Pálava 2011 is between the best 1000 wines in the world!

Prestigious guide of the best wines in the world 1000 vins du Monde 2015 is prepared by the Union od French oenologists.

We are truely excited to announce that Pálava 2011 Grand Sonberk is listed in this famous book, showing us again, how succesful in the worldwide competiton our wine can be. 

Pálava with other sortiment can be bought on our eshop, or you can find a closest place on our web between our distributors

Pálava 2011

Riesling 2011 and 2012 in the Salon 2015

Buy on our eshop!


Valentine price CZK 240 for Pálava 2010

In to the white box in your online shopping cart just write: "Valentyn" and the discount is there! Do not hesitate and Cheers!


Pálava 2010

The best views from Sonberk

Dear Sonberk fans,


We are truely gratefull for our view on Pálava hills, we believe that our view is inspiring for you too!


We call for submission of your pictures from Sonberk, with a bottle or glass of wine, we will publish them on our FB profile, the ones with most of likes are the winners and will be rewarded!

Please send the pictures to the chat box on our FB profile, or via email on

Thank you very much,  have a nice winter days and Cheers!



Západ Slunce na Sonberku

Prague Wine Trophy

Dear Sonberk fans!


We are again successful on the biggest and the most quality wine competition of the Czech Republic – Prague Wine Trophy - with average rating of 89,19 points! Out of 16 medals there are 5x Regional Champion, 3x Prime Gold and 7x Gold! Check out our "working"chart! :-)


Fotka: Milí Sonberští! Jsme opět na bedně v nejkvalitnější dlouhodobé soutěži vín ČR – Prague Wine Trophy - co ročník to úspěch – Sonberk s nejlepším ratingem, letos 89,19 bodů! Ze 16 oceněných vín 5x Regionální Šampion, 3x Velká Zlatá a 7x Zlatá! Mrkněte na naši "pracovní" tabulku :-)


Most of these wine will be available for tasting on the event Gala Degustace, on Monday 26th of January, 3 - 8 pm, in Hotel Internacional, Praha 6, Koulova 15. We are looking forward to meet you there!

Sonberk wine tasting

Dear Sonberk´s friends! We would like to invite you to our wine tasting, this time to Plzeň to Divadelní Klub, we are begining at 7 pm on 28th of May. Reservations to be send on We are looking forward to meet you there!

The gifts from SONBERK winery

For your inspiration we prepared these gift packages from Sonberk, contact us, we will offer a gift tailored to you! 


We start with bottle of wine in designed cardboard box for CZK 235 and end with luxury wooden casette for 6 bottles of top wine from our winery. To the gift boxes we can add also original Sonberk products like jam, honey, jelly, levander pocket, postacards or wine opener, everything according to your wish - just ask, we will make the offer tailored to you!


Dárky ze Sonberku

Sonberk on the road!

Dear Sonber fans!


We would like to invite you to Prague, come to taste us!




During the weekend we will be the guests in rastaurant La Bouchée Brno, come to taste the portfolio during the whole saturday, there is a festival Víno z blízka! To buy chosen bottles, come on Sunday to FSS on Komeského náměstí.





Sonberk awards


We prepared a chart of our medals and awards from world wide competitions, we will add the recent ones continuously :-)

Pálava 2011, ps Prague Wine Trophy Prague Regional Champion 2014
Pálava 2011, ps Vinandino Argentina Gold
Pálava 2011, ps Finger Lakes IWC Rochester Gold
Pálava 2011, VzH Prague Wine Trophy Gold
Pálava 2011, ps Terravino Israel IWSC Silver
Pálava 2011, ps San Francisco IWC Silver
Pálava 2011, ps 1000 vins du Monde Silver
Pálava 2011, ps Decanter Wolrd Wine Awards Bronze
Pálava 2012 Muvina Prešov Gold
Pálava 2012 IWC Fingerlakes USA Silver
Pálava 2012 IWC San Francisco  Bronze
Pálava 2013 IWSC Hong Kong 2014 Bronze
Ryzlink rýnský 2012   IWC San Francisco  GOLD
Ryzlink rýnský 2012   IWC Fingerlakes  Silver
Ryzlink rýnský 2011   Oenoforum 2013 Šampion kategorie
Ryzlink rýnský 2011   Selection mondilal Canada GOLD

Sweet Pálava 2013 succeeded in Hong Kong

The Cathay Pacific Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition is a unique event and the first of its kind. Run in partnership with the London-based International Wine & Spirit Competition, which has been running for 45 years and is the world’s premier platform for recognising quality in the industry, the Cathay Pacific Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition is created specifically for the Asian market by those who know and are intimately involved in the region.

It is the first truly Asian wine competition in the world, supported by key factors such as: Asian food and wine pairing awards; an award for Best Wine produced in China; and judging conducted by Asia’s most esteemed wine judges from China, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and India – including the competition’s Director and Master of Wine, Hong Kong-based Debra Meiburg MW and Chinese food and wine expert Simon Tam.

Sweet Pálava from Sonberk - coming to the market in April 2015 - recieved bronze medal!

IWSC Hong Kong

Mlady Muskat 2014 is coming!!!

Dear Sonberk friends!


We have the honor to offer the first wine of the year 2014 - The only wine that we produce as young wine, since 2004.

Our Young Muscat is always dry, with apricot and citrus aromas and a subtle hint of herbs and wildflowers. The typical Muscat aromatics is only light touchand manifests itself equally in the aroma and the taste. The wine is fresh, delicate and fruity on the palate, but sufficiently full and spicythanks to the old plants and exceptional vineyard SonberkThe vinatge determinates the fine harmony of aromas and flavors, resulting in a very well balanced wineattractive and easily drinkable with a typical signature of its winemaker Oldřich Drápal jr.Available from November 11th till December 31st.

 Pumpkin risotto with ginger and Pecorino Romano

Heat olive oil and fry shallots and confited (or fresh) garlicthen add fresh ginger and diced pumpkin. Sauté well and then add pumpkin pureewhich you can prepare from salted cooked pumpkin. Fry the rice for risotto (Arborio or Carnaroliand add vegetable brothCook for approximately 15-17 minuntil the rice is al denteAdd pecorino romano cheese and butterseason with salt and pepper as needed. Garnish with pumpkin seeds.

Michal Prachařco-owner of the restaurant Borgo Agnese

Make a reservation on

Buy on our eshop!

Winter season is here!


We would like to thank to everyone who came to visit us during the summer season, from now on we are open Monday to Friday 9 am to 3 pm!

Podzim na Sonberku

Where to taste Sonberk?

Dear Sonberk lovers!

On Thursday 16th of October Vladka Mrazova (manager of marketing&trade) goes to Vinná Galerie, she is bringing not only traditional flagships, but also new wines which are not yet on the market!

Who cannot make it on Thursday can come on Tuesday 21st of October to hotel International in Brno. There is a last stop of a tour of Alliance V8. Make reservations on


On Wednesday 22nd of October we are having tasting in a small, nice wine bar U3deci. The winemaker himself will come and explain everything you need to know about our wines. Reservations to be done on, or call 607 038 474.

We are looking forward to meet you!

Your Sonberk :-)

Tour V8 in Brno

Tour V8 is coming to its end. Last stop is planned on the 21st of October, in Brno hotel Internationa§ at 4 pm. Come to taste not only 10 Sonberk wines, but also more than 40 others from our alliance friends.

Make a reservation on

We are looking forward to meet you there!

We are going to Olomouc with Alliance V8!

The one before last stop of the Tour of Alliance V8 is in Olomouc. 


Tour Alliance V8

The first wine festival in Liberec

We will present also our new comers from Silver Sonberk line - the year 2013!




For more information go to Decanté web - the main organizator of the event.


We are looking forward to meet you there!

Another Sonberk wine tasting will take place in Brno Restaurant La Bouchée

The dinner is taking place in La Bouchée Brno, on 17th of September, at 6.30 pm.

Reservation are accepted on, or 542  212 560.

We are looking forward to see you!

Kolekce pro la Bouchée 

Next stop - Pardubice!

Tour of Alliance V8 is coming to Pardubice. On Thursday the 4th of September at 4 pm we can meet you in the hotel Zlatá Štika!


Unique opportunity to taste the wine of current winners of Winery of the year and Winemaker of the year! Sonberk, Volarik are coming together with other members Kolby, Vino Marcincak, Nove Vinarstvi an the new one Krasna hora.

The program remains unchanged - tasting of more than 50 wines, together with the selection of The Best 8 of the V8.

Reservations accepted on, we are looking forward to see you!

Top wine place competition

You can vote for us through

Everybody is welcome in Sonberk. We hope you will enjoy the wines, the view, the building and many more, simply all together...


Sonberk got 3 stars!

Michal Šetka was a supervisor for other 4 authors of this great project. The Guide recomends more than 800 wines and refers about almost 200 wineries. And what can you find there? "Readers can look forward to comprehensive and clearly elaborated publication about Czech and Moravian wine and wineries, this has been missing on the Czech market. Every year it will bring complete and well-arranged summary of general information from all particular regions and also the news and information about current activities in our home wine scene. And of course especially entirely independent evaluation and selection of the best and the most interesting things in the current portfolio of our winemakers."

Sonberk got 3 stars, what that means? "Well established winery producing outstanding or excellent wines in the longterm."


We thank very much to all authors and wish them and to the Guide a lot of success! :-)

Gold medals coming from Slovakia!

New Sonberk wines, Pálava 2012 and Rosé Merlot 2013, succeeded in Bratislava in Trunkfest competition. Rosé Merlot 2013 even won its category of Rosé dry wines, both got Gold medal!!!

You can get both in our eshop! For more information about the competition go on the web.

Tour of V8 is going on!

The Alliance V8 prepared a wine tasting in Prague too. We can meet in Alcron this Thursday at 4 pm, there will be a possibility to taste up to 60 samples of wine and meet the wine makers or other representatives from the wineries. We are looking forward to meet you there! For reservations send an email on


Pálava from Sonberk is Regional Champion!

Graceful, dry Pálava from the sunny year 2011 won its category in the international competition Prague Wine Trophy. It recieved the prize of Prague Regional Champion!


Pálava 2011


Prague Wine Trophy in an international competition for wines from all over the world. Talking about the number of registred wines it is the biggest in The Czech Republic. The magazine Vino Revue is the organizer. 


Ryzlink rýnský 2011 succeeded in Oenoforum 2014!

Oenoforum 2014 - Czech International Wine Competition with Special Sauvignon Award uder the patronage of OIV (The International Organisation of Vine and Wine in Paris), that is the official name of the competition organized by the Czech Wine association.


Our Ryzlink rýnský 2011 won in the category of white, dry, wines, older than 2012.


Full very mineral wine of golden-green color, aroma reminiscent of bee wax and petroleum with undertones of herbs – wild thyme. Yellow fruits on palate, apricot juice in taste, lime peel, touch of acacia honey. Expressive in aftertaste, structured and long. Good for archiving up to 10 years.

Ryzlink rýnský 2011


The whole report and other results can be found here.

Sonberk on the road!

Dear Sonberk Fans!

Last week we were on the road in the west part of our country. In the restaurant Divadelní klub in Plzen we performed the last wine tasting, for more than 80 guests! It was a very nice evening and we thank to VINOTHEUM for inviting us for this occasion.


On Thursday we joined our colleagues from Alliance V8  Krásná hora, Kolby, Víno Marcinčák, Nové vinařství a Vinařství Volařík  in Clarion Congress Hotel České Budějovice. We were there for all lovers of Moravian wine with guaranteed origin and quality. We also introduced The Best 8 of V8, 8 wines chosen in blind wine tasting by the winemakers of V8 wineries. These can be ordered in eshop of every V8 winery, in our one too. And which wines you can find in the exclusive wooden box, which you get as a gift from us?


Ryzlink rýnský a Pálava 2012, Velký Sonberk

Muller Thurgau 2013, Vinařství Volařík

Sauvignon 2013, Víno Marcinčák

Ryzlink rýnský 2011, Nové vinařství

Sauvignon 2010, Kolby

Frankovka 2012, straw wine, Víno Marcinčák

Cuvée Bernety 2012, Krásná hora

Important note would be that the 3rd stop of V8 Tour accross CR is closer and closer! 19th of June we are looking forward to meet you in Plzen, Angelo Hotel, we are starting at 4 pm, resarvations on 

Tour V8 is coming!

Dear friends of good Moravian wine!

Alliance V8 prepared joint wine tasting of its members in selected cities in the Czech Republic for the year 2014. The event begins this time in Karlovy Vary - May 22nd at the Parkhotel Richmond - and ends in October in Brno.

Team V8

There will be 8 samples from each winery available to taste plus, as a bonus, presentation of The best 8 of the V8. This will offer you the best wines from the alliance which were selected by winemakers of each winery in a blind tasting in April 2014.

Admission, which is 290 CZK when prereserved via email /350 CZK at place per person, includes a tasting of more than 50 samples of wine, small snacks and a fine complimentary wine glass with V8 logo, made by Luigi Bormioli Italy. The wines will be presented by owners, winemakers or sommeliers of the individual wineries, participants have a unique opportunity to talk about wine with the most qualified persons.

During the tasting the presented wines can be ordered under special conditions.

Ticket reservations for events in particular cities are accepted on:

More information on

Open wineries at the end?

The Festival of open wineries took place in a few villages "Under the Pálava" 26th and 27th of April, we are glad to say that in Sonberk there were few hunreds of visitors, we estimate around 1500!

Sonberk during The Festival of open wineries 2014

You can find some more photos on our Facebook.

Who would regret of not participating, we have a good news :-) Sonberk is open for you every day, all bank holidays included, from 10 am to 5 pm! We are looking forward to your visit any time during the week and on the 1st and 8th of May in particular!

Double Gold medal for Sonberk´s Moravian Muscat 2013 from USA!

Our extra dry cabinet Moravian Muscat 2013 Silver Sonberk won the Double Gold Medal in the competition Finger Lakes International Wine Competition 2014 USA! Wine has a great richness on the palate, delicate flavor, with original Sonberk´s mandarin orange peel emerging in the aftertaste. However it is still fresh and pleasantly aromatic.

Available in our eshop!


Also our Palava, Riesling and Chardonnay & Pinot Gris from the year 2012 gain precious medals. A complete list of results can be found on the competition website.

Rudy Linka´s concert opened the summer season at Sonberk

On Friday evening 28 March Sonberk terrace got filled with Rudy Linka´s jazz-blues guitar creations and Tina Prindle´s wonderful gospel voice. The weather was lovely that evening so 150 guests enjoyed the sunset celebrating Sonberk being awarded "Winery of the year 2013" and opening the summer season 2014. 
Within the summer season 2014 Sonberk is open until the end of October every day, including Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays - always from 10.00 to 17.00.

Any restrictions on opening hours - especially during Saturdays because of the wedding ceremonies - we always advise in advance on our website and on Facebook. Further informations can be given on phone 777 630 434 or by email at sonberk (a) - please contact us.




Sonberk is "Winery of the Year 2013"

In the 5. annual competition for the title "Winery of the Year" - Sonberk won in the category "Middle-sized winery" and gained also the overall title "Winery of the Year 2013". Thank you for your support!



Tasting at Charlie´s, Saturday 29. March from 19.00

Dear friends, we cordially invite you to the tasting in Brno´s club Charlie´s on Kobližná street in Saturday 29 March from 19.00 hrs. Tickets are 150 CZK per person and you can book via Mr. Tomáš Šetnička at redaktorbastila(a)

My Wine - a chance for you to taste and rate like profi sommeliérs!

Within the Tábor wine festival in March we will be competing with our dry Pálava 2011. Come and join the "MY WINE" contest where you can taste and rate 20 wine samples as a professional sommeliér. The prep-rounds take place in Tábor, Brno and Prague, the final will be held in Tábor:


Moje víno - Sonberk

We´re opening the summer season: 28.3. from 18.00 Rudy Linka´s concert

We cordially invite you to a very exceptional concert of the New York jazz guitarist of Czech origin Mr. Rudy Linka, which will be held at the winery Sonberk on Friday 28th March 2014 from 18.00, and which officially opens this summer's tourist season.
Rudy Linka´s last CD "Re: connect" was rated as "as one of the best for 2013" by the criticis of the magazine Downbeat. The spectacular guitar creations of Rudy Linka would not be complete without the captivating gospel vocals of the American singer Tina Prindle, who is one of America´s most valued young talents.


Please note, that due to the very limited capacity at Sonberk, all tickets must be booked and confirmed in advance. Reservations are accepted by phone (+420 777 630 434 ) or email (sonberk(a), the payment can be collected cash on the day of the concert:


Basic ticket: 320 CZK, includes two types of wine tasting before the show
Sonberk ticket: 620 CZK, with a bottle of wine from Sonberk
VIP ticket: 980 CZK, includes a buffet, meeting and autographs with Rudy Linka after the concert, afterparty until midnight.



We´re in the final of WINERY OF THE YEAR. Support us!

Again this year we managed all the way to the finals of WINERY OF THE YEAR! On Monday 24 February, we have been rated by the professional jury at SONBERK and now we are waiting for YOUR VOTES. You can support us by voting on We don´t mind if you do so every 24 hours until 24 March ;-)

Beside of supporting Sonberk as your favorite winery you can win some very decent prices: a trip, sommelier courses, tickets to the Wine Salon and lots of good wine. The winner will be announced 27.3. at a gala evening at the Trade Fair Palace in Prague NG.

Thanks for your support and cheers on good wine!

Hodnocení Vinařství roku 2013 - na Sonberku Hodnocení Vinařství roku 2013 - porota na Sonberku

The vine cutting competition - this year again on Sonberk!

On Friday, the 7th March 2014 we cordialy invite you to the annual 10. competition in vine cutting, which will be held at Sonberk winery from 8 AM. Both professionals and leisure cutters and viewers are welcome.

More info for competitors: Mrs. Renata Hlavačková, tel. 774 576 923, email: marketing(a)

Wine cutting contest at Sonberk 7.3.2014

Sonberk competing in the final of "Winery of the year 2013"

 We are pleased to announce that Sonberk will be competing for the title "Winery of the Year 2013 ' again. We have been nominated to the final round in the category of Medium-sized wineries. To find the winner, there will be professional scoring and rating accompanied by public voting for the price Vindemia Publica, in which you can support us too!

You can vote for Sonberk on - we look forward to your support! 
The winners in each category will be announced at the official ceremony on March 27, 2014 at Veletržní palác, National Gallery in Prague.

Sonberk is once again partner of the Czech Grand Design

This year, for the second time, you´ll find Sonberk alongside with Veuve Clicquot partnering the award gala event for the best Czech design works - Cech Grand Design. Sonberk is the only Czech winery ever chosen to partner this event.

The National Technical Museum now features an exhibition of the nominated designers and their work, from January 24. until the end of March.

Announcement of the winners and the award ceremony will be held on 9 March 2014 in the Stavovské divadlo in Prague.

For more information, please visit Czech Grand Design.

Sonberk partnerem vyhlášení cen Czech Grand Design 2013

Sonberk wine at Zdenek Merta´s new book reception in Luxor

On Wednesday  February 5th we cordially invite you to the reception of Zdenek Merta´s new short-stories book The Prague Wedding. More info on Neoluxor´s website.

Zdenek Merta Pražská svatba

Prague Wine Trophy, 28.1. 2014: Masterclass with Sonberk´s Palava

The official topic of the tasting: The Wine From Traditional Wine-Growing Regions - as one of the 18 global sample wines Pálava 2011 from Sonberk was positively received: "Floral and fresh nose, has substance, can age, is stable. Very good, can represent," assessed Wilibald Balanjuk President Club der Weinakademiker a leading Masterclass.

 Masterclass Prague Wine Trophy 28.1.2014 Masterclass Prague Wine Trophy 28.1.2014 Degustační seznam Masterclass Prague Wine Week 28.1.2014  

Prague Wine Trophy: Sonberk awarded 13 medals and the best rating for wine quality

In the 7. Prague Wine Trophy Sonberk was awarded 13 medals and the best rating for wine quality, rating 6 wines over 89 points. Most of the medals was for Sonberk´s Riesling, Merlot and naturally sweet wines.


Prague Wine Trophy Galadegustace 27.1.2014 Prague Wine Trophy Galadegustace 27.1.2014 Prague Wine Trophy Galadegustace 27.1.2014 Prague Wine Trophy Galadegustace 27.1.2014 

On Monday 27. January 2014 the medals for Prague Wine Trophy 2013 were handed out to the winners at the Gala in Crowne Plaza in Prague. Prague Wine Trophy is rating both domestic and imported wine on the Czech market. Alltogether there were 1441 wines competing, one quarter more than in the previous year. Sonberk got awarded the following accolades, half of them for the Rieslings: 



Merlot 2011, VH, Velký Sonberk - v prodeji od 03/2014, možnost emailové rezervace
Pálava 2011, VH, Velký Sonberk R
yzlink rýnský 2009, PS, Velký Sonberk



Ryzlink rýnský 2010, PS, Velký Sonberk
Ryzlink rýnský 2008, PS, Velký Sonberk
Rulandské šedé 2007, VzC, Velký Sonberk



Ryzlink rýnský 2011, PS, Velký Sonberk
Ryzlink rýnský 2007, VzC, Velký Sonberk
Tramín slámový 2008, slámové víno, Velký Sonberk
Tramín slámový 2006, slámové víno, Velký Sonberk



Tramín 2011, PS, Velký Sonberk
Sauvignon 2011, PS, Velký Sonberk
Sauvignon 2012, PS, Velký Sonberk


Complete results and more information  you can find on the Vinorevue website.

Cooperation with Helia Sport and Kouty Ski Park

Cheers on our new customers Helia Sport and Kouty Ski Park; who make winter in Moravia European. Thank you for cooperation and we wish you especially a lot of snow!! 

Opening hours at Sonberk during Christmas holidays

Dear friends, during the Christmas time and the holiday season, we will be at Sonberk always from 9.00 to 15.00 hrs on the following days:

Monday 23.12., Friday 27.12, Monday, 30.12 and Tuesday, 31.12.

In parallel, you can use the option of ordering via our shop. The orders wil be dispatched as of 6. January 2014. Alternatively, you can submit your order through the eshop and pick up the wine in person at the winery during the above days - please indicate this in the order together with the selected date and estimated time of arrival.

Tomáš Berdych at SONBERK

On st. Nicolaus Eve we had a very nice visitor - World´s top 7 tennis player Tomáš Berdych. Thanks Tomáš and we wish you a lot of success!

The Moravian adventure of Tomáš Berdych is not over - as he writes on his Facebook: "Why this cover? Because I respect traditions. Same as fair hard work, bond with the country and people, pride and individuality. All of these are characteristics are something Moravian and Czech winemakers have in common. I respect the same principles both in my playing and life, too!!!"

First Czech Gold (ever!) from Argentina - for SONBERK Palava 2011

Sonberk´s this year's premiere  in Argentina´s international wine competition VINANDINO brought a gold medal for Palava 2011! It is historically the first and only gold for the Czech Republic at the biggest competition in South America, thank you!

Vinandino Zlato Pálava