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Architect: Ing. arch. Josef Pleskot, AP atelier
Cooperation: I. Grosseová, Z. Rudolf, A. Škripeň, J. Trčka
Interiors: P. Sýkora

Sonberk winery house is built in a modern way, but using elements, which are old and well known. It represents stability and steadiness, unique in today´s architecture. It is an unforgettable place, that evokes the desire to be returning under the grand roof, under which the whole wine production cycle takes place.

The winery house Sonberk has an extensive underground part and a slightly more subtle overground part. The middle part of its disposition is created by a tank (production) hall with an adjacent cellar fully integrated into the hillside terrain and with technological multitask areas. Meanwhile the underground has to be solid, that will remain unchanged for centuries and will get more and more beautiful by its usage, the overground part can be a little bit more coquettish. It has to be attracting guests from a long distance, it must be expressing both openess and closeness, a warm-welcome and even mysteriousness. It has to be an unforgettable, unique place empowering steadiness, solidity and the one´s longing for return.

From a broad-based urban planning and landscape point of view the construction of the winery house reacts to stimuli of an ancient cultural landscape characterized by large scale landscape forms: generously spreading sky, light, warmth and a majestic unmistakable confidence. Pálava Hills, Thaya river, the ravine of the rivers Thaya and Svratka, Sonberk, ancient settlements, grapevine - a common basis of European cultures.

To all these stimuli the wining house responds by its setting into the terrain and by a dominant roof decorated with a special corrugated roofing, which allows a soft modeling of light, a good air flow and an effective management of rain water. The aim was to create a roof that will protect the large winery house, characterize it from afar and mirror the dominant elements - sun, wind and water.

The human scale is impressed by a massive access stairway, which is anchored to the main wine-growing estate access road branching off from the road from Hustopeče to Mikulov. A wide staircase is not only a famous ancient architectural element, but also a place for the visitor experiencing the majesty of Palava Hills and Thaya river. The staircase demonstrates the willingness and openness of the winery Sonberk. It leads to an observation platform with a gallery and an adjacent farm yard. From this platform let your gaze wander over the beauty of the South-Moravian countryside.

Under the broad roof a large number of activities take place. The roof is not only covering the house and protecting the vineyard products against sun rays, but also covers the space for storing the harvest, for people´s activities, parking of cars and machines and for drying of grapes chosen for a late processing (straw wine).

Winemakers like absolute forms. It's probably due to the essence of winemaking. Everything is perfectly aligned: vineyards, barrels in the cellars, bottles and even the trash bins. It is not a surprise that their wining houses follow the rule of this tidyness. We offer a form, which is based on an accurate geometry and can be seen as a truly modern building unmistakably associated with the genius loci.