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Sonberk vineyard stretches over 40 hectares and encircles the winery at the foot of the hill Slunečná (236 m; from German original Sonnberg – the Sunny Hill), which gave the name to the entire vineyard and winery.


The vineyard offers ideal soil conditions, which were confirmed also by a geological survey carried out in 2004 in order to assess the most suitable grape varieties to be planted out.

Loess soil, modest elevation and South to South-West exposition make ideal conditions for grape varieties such as Riesling, Sauvignon, Traminer, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Pálava, Moravian Muscat and Merlot.

  • Pálava Sonberk
  • Biodiverzita ve vinohradu Sonberk
  • Vinohrad Sonberk s výhledem na Pálavu

Vine is pruned and harvested only by hand, in order not to harm the leaves and branches. Special attention is paid to harvesting, which is held strictly under control and reduced, so the harvested amount of grapes per one plant is only about 1,5 kg.

Grapes are harvested subsequently in more phases, vintage and quality being the most important decision factors. In order to specify the most proper time of harvest test pickings and lab tests are carried out.

Sonberk maintains biodiversity in its vineyard, where different other plants are grown between the vine rows in order to maintain the natural balance. An apricot and wallnut orchard and several bee hives are a part of the vineyard, too.