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Through an unique pairing of soil and sun Sonberk vineyard gives origin to signature wine. Loess soil vineyard Sonberk, first founded in the XIII. century, with an extraordinary view of the most beautiful South-Moravian nature site Pálava Hills is a place with a true genius loci.
In the Moravian Land Archive we have obtained a copy of a 1522 Charter, in which wine from Popice is requested by Ludvík Jagellonský, the King of Bohemia, to be shipped to his table. Later on   the wine has been supplied to the court of  Maria Theresia in Vienna, too.

  • Ochutnávka vína Sonberk
  • Posezení a ochutnávka vinotéka Sonberk
  • Terasa ochutnávka Sonberk

We write a new chapter of history at Sonberk -  a story of an unique place, an extraordinary vineyard and work of people, creating with their heart. On 40 hectares we grow Rhine Riesling, Pálava and Traminer in a sustainable way.

From sustainably grown hand-picked grapes from our own production we create up to 150 000 bottles of white quality wine distinct by its expressive fruitness, juicy taste, deep minerality and exciting spiciness.
Cheers on really good wine!