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Due to the current situation, we ask you to pay by credit card or in advance to our account. We cannot accept cash on delivery orders due to driver safety. Thank you for your understanding. Sonberk is not only wine. Taste original secondary products from Sonberk, too.

  • Little Sonberk - grape juice

    Little Sonberk - grape juice

    The first Sonberk grape juice from Sauvignon.

    140 Kč
  • Apricot brandy 2018

    Apricot brandy 2018

    Original fruit brandy, from Sonberks apricots, made by the traditional moravian procedure.

    360 Kč
  • Botrytis Vinegar

    Botrytis Vinegar

    Heavenly delicate wine vinegar produced from Riesling noble berries. The only on the Czech market.

    195 Kč
  • Wine jelly made of Palava

    Wine jelly made of Palava

    Naturally sweet wine jelly to accompany cheese.

    90 Kč
  • Apricot BIO jam

    Apricot BIO jam

    Home made BIO jam from Sonberk´s apricots.

    85 Kč
  • Flower Honey

    Flower Honey

    Original flower bee honey. From Sonberk´s bio orchard´s beehives.

    95 Kč


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